Monday, February 1, 2010


My little dumpling is sick again! This latest illness has us at our wits end since one moment he's fever free, happy-go-lucky & healthy & the next time we turn around, out of nowhere he has a 103 degree fever. My stomach is in absolute knots as I type this & I just want him to feel better.

Saturday morning Cameron was as happy as a clam & his temperature felt completely normal. (It seems that since having a child, our lips are instant thermometers when kissing his head). Anyway, by Saturday night, he seemed a tad warm, but I thought nothing of it. By Sunday evening he was very warm & ended up having a restless night sleep. As I dressed Cam for day care today, I felt in my heart that he would likely not last the day there since he again felt warm. But, he was in good spirits, drank his milk & ate his breakfast, so we decided to send him. By 3pm I was leaving work to get him after the day care called.

Cam has had a follow-up appointment scheduled for this coming Wednesday ever since his doctor noticed that his right ear had a slight infection during his 15 month well visit. We bumped his appointment up to tomorrow since Mike has to take the day off anyway (a baby has to be fever-free for 24 hours before going back to day care). I just feel so anxious right now & want nothing more than for him to feel better. Sometimes when Cam is sick, my mind starts racing & I begin to think the worst.

I'm praying that all goes well at his appointment tomorrow & he begins to feel better very soon!

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  1. I'll say a prayer for him too.

  2. poor little fella. hope he gets better soon.having a sick baby is never fun.