Thursday, August 25, 2011

28 Week Update

I'm now 28 weeks along & Reese weighs about two & a quarter pounds & is 14.8 inches long at the size of a Chinese cabbage.

How am I feeling? This has been a very uncomfortable week for me; sometimes mentally & sometimes physically. For one, I've been super short-tempered & impatient. Since Cameron was out of daycare last week with Grammy & Auntie Erika, he had a couple of issues transitioning back to his usual routine like he normally does when Grammy's visit ends. Nothing big, just putting up a fight with things that we ask of him & acting tired & cranky. And a cranky child & an impatient, hormonal Mommy does not make a very good combination!

Physically I've been having a lot of pelvic pain & pressure when I walk & it has not been fun. We ordered a belly brace that had good ratings & it'll be coming this week so we'll see if that helps. I'm keeping my fingers crossed though!

Any new changes this week? Just the fact that I'm getting bigger & very quickly! I cannot tell you just how many people have commented at work this week that I'm suddenly "popping out." Since I wear scrubs it's harder to tell, but I guess not any more!!

Weight gain? 9.5 pounds.

But through all the discomforts, I'm thankful everyday to have a healthy pregnancy thus far! I already love my baby girl so much & I feel absolutely blessed to be carrying her... it's such a miracle!

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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Weekend Happenings

We had a jam-packed weekend since it was Cam's Grammy & Auntie Erika's last couple of days until they began their drive back to Chicago this morning.

Erika had never been to Busch Gardens so we decided to go yesterday morning since all of us, including Grammy, have a season's pass. We packed sandwiches, snacks & water so the only money that was spent was for Erika's ticket. In my opinion, Busch Gardens is very expensive at $85, if you're only going for the day. Granted, she'd be able to go an unlimited amount of times until the end of the year, but that's not exactly helpful when you live about 1,000 miles away. Mike & I have 2 year passes so it ends up being pretty inexpensive since we take advantage of it & go often. We used to be able to bring food in with no issues but out of the blue this time, they told us we were no longer able to bring our sandwiches in. Yeah, right. So, we put our sandwiches in Mike's cargo shorts until we got through the entrance & put them back in our cooler bag... we sure are rebels!

I wasn't exactly thrilled with the idea of hitting Busch Gardens in the peak of the Florida heat at 7 months pregnant, but I went with the flow. It ended up being hotter than hell but we all managed & a shower never felt so good afterwards!

Mike & I ended up having a wonderful date night yesterday at one of our favorite tapas restaurants, Ceviche. The meal was excellent as usual, although a glass of red wine would have made it that much better... oh how I miss my delightfully delicious wine! But my baby girl is so worth it!

This morning as the dogs lounged in the sun, Grammy & Erika packed up the car for their long trek back to Chicago. In addition to lounging, Dempsey did her favorite & most annoying thing & barked at the TV. Whenever people are over & think this is cute, I quickly tell them just how un-cute it is when it happens all the time. She used to limit it to other animals on TV, but when she's bored, she barks at just about anything. Not cool!

I am a cooking lover, but for whatever reason, I have not cooked much during this pregnancy. During the week, I just have no desire to grocery shop, cook & clean after a long day, but I need to get my act together & start cooking more on the weekend. So that's just what I did tonight! It's good to be back! I decided to make a butternut squash risotto that I saw on the Barefoot Contessa. It was the second top-rated risotto recipe on Food Network's website so I figured I couldn't go wrong. This would be an awesome Fall meal since it ended up being very tasty, creamy & comforting with a deep golden color from the saffron. Click here for the recipe.

And now it's time to say goodbye to the beloved weekend & say hello to the tiring work-week! Hope everyone has a wonderful Monday tomorrow!

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Thursday, August 18, 2011

27 Week Update

I'm now 27 weeks along & Reese weighs nearly two pounds & is fourteen & a half inches long at about the size of head of cauliflower!

How am I feeling?
As Reese is getting higher in my belly, I'm starting to get a continuous knife-like pain in my upper, back ribcage just like I did with Cam. Luckily it's only bothering me at night vs. all day long. I know it's related to my rib cage beginning to expand & I'm sure it'll only get more persistent as she gets bigger. My torso is so dang short that my lil babies have only so much room to grow!

Any new changes this week?
I had a routine OB appointment on Monday & all looked wonderful! Reese seems to be moving non-stop on some days & is actually doing flip-flops as I type this. I'm pretty sure I've felt her have the hiccups this week but I wasn't positive. Cam had hiccups all the time when I was pregnant with him & I always felt bad when that happened for some reason! I've been getting ankle & foot cramps at night which are not fun. I jumped out of bed in a major hurry this morning when my entire ankle contorted with a cramp.

I've been telling Cameron that I'm going to be Baby Reese's mommy but he's just not having it as he says, "No, you're my mommy!" So I'll then say, "Who is Baby Reese's mommy then?" and he always responds with "Auntie Lo Lo!" (who had Baby Taylor 3 and a half months ago). So, he's going to be in for quite a surprise when she arrives & he realizes she's here for good!

Weight gain?
8 pounds.

And my little munchkin Cameron has been having a wonderful visit with his Grammy & Auntie Erika this week who drove down from Chicago. Grammy bought Cam Toy Story 3 the other day & he's been watching it non-stop! There's a part in the movie where a little girl pretends one of her toys is a witch. So, he started using his imagination last night by pretending my book light is a "witchy wand" with magical powers. His vocabulary is expanding by leaps & bounds & it's so awesome to watch him grow & change. He is such an amazingly sweet & loving kid & I just cannot get enough of my little man!

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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

26 Week Update & Cam's Accident

I'm now 26 weeks pregnant & Reese is the size of an English hot-house cucumber! She weighs about a pound & two-thirds & is fourteen inches long.

How am I feeling? Unfortunately my heartburn has been terrible this week & I've been taking two Pepcids daily just to survive. Sometimes it burns so bad that tears sting at my eyes! Otherwise I'm fine, besides feeling tired from the long, busy weekdays & nights. I'm usually running non-stop from 6:45 in the morning until 9 at night Monday-Friday. I keep my plans to a minimum on Friday evenings because I'm seriously good for nothing but sleep. And I know I look pretty run-down in this week's picture, but you'll know why by the end of this post!

Any new changes this week? Yes! My mom & dad were nice enough to buy Reese her crib just as they got Cam his crib. We put it together Saturday afternoon & began to get her room in order. Unfortunately she has to start off by sharing the guest bedroom. We're actually selling our house & up-sizing since we just don't have nearly enough room right now. Moving with a baby will not be easy but it will be so worth it in the long run!

When we moved into our house we painted the guest room blue & put our Chicago pictures on the wall. I'm pretty sure we'll end up painting the wall that her crib sits on as well as the wall to the right since I cannot bear to have my little girl in a blue room (even if it is only temporary). I'll likely do tan accent walls, put her name in wooden letters above her crib & maybe hang some pretty paper lanterns in the corner to spruce it up for Reese. Getting her nursery in order makes things so much more real! When I was washing & folding her hand-me-down pink clothes that we were lucky enough to inherit from our friends Jill & Josh, it really started to hit me... I'm going to have a daughter!!!

Weight gain? 7 pounds.

And the reason I'm so worn down today is that Cameron had a freak injury last night. We were playing in his room before bed & he had gotten himself all wound up. I was brushing his teeth & holding onto his hand in the process since he wanted to flee the room & the brushing. Well, he ended up pulling himself free & falling down. It was such an insignificant fall & it happened so quickly that I didn't even think twice about it or truly note what happened. Mike & I immediately knew something was wrong when he started screaming & crying & wouldn't stop. Cam is probably one of the toughest kids around & completely unfazed when it comes to pain.

After looking at his arm, it didn't appear to be broken. There was no swelling or bruising & it didn't look disfigured in any way. He just kept grabbing at his left forearm & saying, "hurts, hurts." When we got him to calm down & he relaxed & kept his arm still, he'd stop crying, but as soon as his arm shifted, he would scream bloody murder. We weren't sure if he just bruised it or what, so we decided to wait on the ER & see how he did through the night. We got him into bed & he quickly fell asleep as we rubbed his head & sat with him. He woke up crying at 11:00, 1:30 & 5:30 but went back to sleep after we again rubbed his head. We both called in to work since we knew he needed to be seen by a doctor. When he woke up for the day at 7:30 he was crying in pain but would again stop as long as he was still & didn't have to move his left arm. We even had to cut his pajama shirt off & dress him in a button-down shirt for our trip to the doctor.

After painfully getting him in the car in the pouring rain, we made it to the pediatrician. Our doctor, Dr Hartman, was off but we met with another doctor who was as equally wonderful. I am so thankful for Pediatric Healthcare Alliance because we've never once had anything but the best visit with them. Dr. Wilde was amazingly sweet & gentle with Cam & completely put him at ease. Cam kept pointing at his forearm & saying, "it hurts" so the doctor ordered x-rays at a radiology center down the road to rule-out a fracture. He thought it could be an elbow dislocation but wanted to be sure it wasn't broken before he started to manipulate it back into place. Cam was an absolute champ the entire time. I wasn't able to go into the x-ray room since I'm pregnant but I'm so thankful that Mike was with him. I love how you can see Mike's hand holding Cam's in the one picture! We headed back to the pediatrician with x-rays in hand & a radiology report that showed no apparent fractures. So it was back to considering a dislocated elbow since Cam could not rotate or lift his arm without excruciating pain. The doctor explained the process of getting his arm back in place, if it was actually dislocated. He told us that if it was, getting it back into place would immediately solve the problem. I held him in my lap, distracted him with his Toy Story DVD & the doctor manipulated his arm. We weren't sure at first & then Cam gave the doctor his first high-five using his hurt/left arm. We all screamed with excitement & joy since we realized that was the problem. The doctor even jumped up & down & gave Mike a high-five too!!

After getting Cam's elbow back in place, we were absolutely elated & it felt like a hundred pound weight had been lifted from our shoulders. Cam was a new man & 100% pain free & back to his happy self! Thankfully this was the first time Cam had ever gotten hurt enough to go to a doctor or consider making a trip to the ER. After going through it my heart goes out even more to parents who have truly sick kids. It's such a terrifyingly helpless feeling to see your child in pain & be unable to take it away. I am beyond thankful that he's okay, napping comfortably & that it was nothing serious!

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Thursday, August 4, 2011

25 Week Update

I'm now 25 weeks along & Reese is 13 1/2 inches long & weighs about a pound & a half at the size of a rutabaga. Um yeah, must say I've never held a rutabaga in my life so I really can't relate!

How am I feeling? All in all I've felt pretty good this week. I've had more heartburn than usual but Pepcid has been helping. Luckily my energy level has been up because it has been a whirlwind of a week & work has been keeping me hopping! Reesey Piecey has been moving & grooving like crazy, especially at night & I can feel her kicks quickly getting higher & higher in my belly. Before I know it she'll be wedged under my ribs!

Any new changes this week? Monday was my one-hour glucose tolerance test which ended up being a pain in the butt. Luckily I was able to take it at my hospital so I stayed on the clock & sat & worked on a computer as I waited. I had to check in at 7:20 & didn't end up getting out of there until 10am. What a joke! And I had to go straight into a meeting afterwards so I ate nothing but a cereal bar until lunchtime... BOO! They took a tube of blood before & after I drank the tasty glucose solution & the nurse who took the first vial bruised the hell out of my arm. It hurt really bad as she did it & I couldn't straighten my arm without pain after. The bruise has only gotten uglier & uglier as the days have passed but at least it doesn't hurt anymore. The good news is that I passed the glucose test!

Here's my beautiful bruise! It's a lot uglier than it appears in this picture..

Weight gain? 6.5 pounds

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