Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Wednesday after work we hit the road for our 10th anniversary trip to Savannah, GA.  Mike & I haven't been away together since our trip to St. Augustine five years ago, so this was a very welcomed getaway!  Gosh, how much has changed in those five years!  This time around we were leaving two precious kiddos behind in the wonderful care of my parents.

I'm so grateful for my mom & dad for coming up to our house to take care of Cam & Reese.  It was so reassuring to know that they were in good hands.  We were able to talk to Cam on the phone a couple of times a day while we were gone, but of course Reese is still to young to be chatting it up.  We had an awesome time, but it was also great to come home to our loves!

We headed out Wednesday after work & got to Savannah at around 11pm.  Thursday morning I woke up a year older... yep, I'm the big 3-3!  It was also our anniversary & the official start of our trip, so we were very excited!

We headed to breakfast at a recommended place called Clary's which was established in the early 1900s.  It was quite tasty!  

Then we dropped our bags off at The Marshall House which is the super old hotel where we were staying.  

Mike arranged to have champagne, wine & chocolate covered strawberries waiting in our room at check-in!  What an unexpected surprise! 

Since it's such an old building, it had a strange set-up where we had to climb out of our window onto the huge, shared balcony.

The Marshall House ended up being one of the topics on our ghost/pub tour since it has so much history behind it.  Apparently at one point it served as a hospital during the war & there are plenty of bodies buried on the grounds.  Spooky!  But we didn't happen to see any spirits during our stay.

We had such a blast on the ghost/pub tour & it was probably one of our favorite parts of the trip.  We were led by a real cool guy from Boston who told ghost stories as we hit six different local pubs.  What a great way to see the city!

It was so nice to just walk around & explore without an agenda & we saw some cool churches & cemeteries along the way.  It was pretty hot so by late afternoon, we were beat & ended up napping before dinner.  A napper I am not, so that was definitely out of the ordinary. 

Savannah has a ton of little squares/parks throughout which I loved!  There was always a shady spot to sit since they have such old, massive trees.

We ate a lot of good food washed down with plenty of tasty drinks!

And I enjoyed the heck out of the architecture & all of the old buildings that had so much character!

It seemed like every house in Savannah was a massive, old mansion.  They just don't build houses like this anymore!

But now it's back to work & back to reality!

Looking back on it, our trip zoomed by & seriously feels like a blur, but we did have a blast & we'll never forget our ten year anniversary in Savannah! 

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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

My weekend

I had a very busy weekend, having a pre-birthday celebration with my friends & family.  My birthday is two short days from now & since I'll be out of town, we had to celebrate early.  Mike & I head to Savannah, GA after work tomorrow for four nights away to celebrate our 10th anniversary which just so happens to fall on my birthday.  Yes, I did get married on my birthday.  My 23rd birthday to be exact.  Having an anniversary on your birthday isn't the best idea, but it's fine!

Friday night we headed to a cool restaurant for some sushi & martinis.  Then we hit up the Brass Tap which is a beer bar.  We ended up daring each other to do moronic things which was hilarious!  I'm not usually one for dares since I'm not insanely outgoing with strangers, but it was a lot of fun.  Who said you can't act like a goofball when you're in your thirties?!  Low thirties to be exact, mmmkay?

Renee's dare was to ask this guy to line dance with her!
Lauren had to fly across a bar stool.
And I had to get the older fella to sign my chest!  I'm a real class act, don't ya know?!

Saturday we laid low & just had a very relaxing day.  We stayed in our PJs most of the day which was very rare & very welcoming.

Cam finally got around to playing with the set of blocks we got him for Christmas.  I told you it was rare that we have a relaxing, at home day! 

Reese enjoyed munching on the blocks & hopping around in her jumper like an absolute mad woman.  She is utterly hilarious in that thing, jumps like crazy & keeps her mouth open while saying, "Haaa, haa, ha, ha, ha!"  It's way too cute!

The quality isn't so hot since this is from my phone, but here's the wide open trap!

I'm super excited to go to Savannah tomorrow since Mike & I haven't been away together since our fifth anniversary, but I have to admit that I am nervous too.  I know the kids will be in wonderful hands with my mom & dad, but I'm going to miss them so!  I've never been away from Reese overnight & really, I've only been away from Cam a handful of times.  I'm sure once we hit the road after work, my anxiety will ease, but the anticipation is getting to me! 

Well, it's off to do laundry & finish packing!  Hope everyone is having a great week!

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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Mother's Day 2012

This was my fourth Mother's Day with Cameron & my very first with Reese!  Last year I was about twelve weeks pregnant, not knowing if Reese was a boy or a girl & this year I got to love the bits out of my six month old love.  It's amazing how much can change in just one year.  Click here to see pictures from last Mother's Day & here to see my pregnancy announcement just before Mother's Day.

We headed to my parent's new house on Saturday morning & spent the weekend with family.  Packing up the family, including the dogs, is never easy but we always do have fun!

Cameron & Mikayla are little partners in crime & are hooked at the hip the entire time they're together.  Cam was a swimming pro wearing his inner tube & it's great that he can learn more from his cousin who swims like a fish.  They're about 16 months apart in age, but they have so much in common!

Meanwhile, Maddy mostly lets the little ones run wild while she enjoys her baby cousin.  She loves Reese to pieces!  Although she didn't love it when Reese spit-up on her hand..  We celebrated Maddy's 9th birthday on Saturday & then my mom's birthday on Sunday.  My mom was very thrilled with the Kindle Fire we all got her!

It was a great weekend & the best presents I could ever have is my family!

I am so thankful!
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Monday, May 14, 2012

Six months!

Happy half birthday, Reese!  You're officially six months old today!

What is my six month girl up to?  Well, lets see... You're still sleeping very well & you go to bed earlier & earlier these days.  Daycare kicks your butt & you're passing out by nearly 7pm & you're normally fast asleep by 7:30.  You sleep about 11-12 hours a night & it seems you're constantly napping during the day.  You stay up for about two hours at a time during the day & then it's time for you to sleep again.   So, basically your day is wake, eat, play, sleep & on & on & on again!

You're eating solids like a champ & have tried apples, bananas, peas, sweet potatoes, butternut squash, prunes, spinach & you'll be trying carrots this week.  You eat your fruit or veggie mixed with cereal twice a day & drink 5 6-7oz bottles of breast milk a day.

You are a rolling fool & becoming more & more mobile by the day.  We put you on your blanket & before we know it, you've made your way across the room!

You are still the easiest, happiest, smiliest baby ever & no one could look at you & not smile back.  Getting you to smile is a very, very easy task!

You are a little stinker who has many, many blowouts.  This weekend was a real doozie & I did not appreciate the horrific mess you left me as my Mother's Day present!  We stripped your outfit & you had to be immediately washed in the sink. You probably have about three-four blowouts per week.  How can such nastiness come out of that beautiful package?!

This week at daycare you'll be transitioning to the baby vs. the infant side of the room.  Sniff, sniff... my little girl is growing up so quickly!

When you get excited, you kick your legs like a wild woman & flap one arm up & down.  If you're holding something in your hand, I have to be careful that you don't whack yourself in the head.  

You love our pets & just sit & smile at them.  Stella didn't love you last week when you grabbed a fist full of her hair!  When she yelped, you started to cry.  Speaking of crying, you're very sensitive & cry whenever someone else is crying, especially your brother.  It's so sweet, but so sad at the same time.

We continue to enjoy the heck out of every second we spend with you!  You are such an absolute joy & we are so blessed to have you in our lives!  Happy half birthday, Reesey Cakes!

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