Monday, May 7, 2012


Unfortunately, there are many days when I allow other people negatively affect me.  I try not to since I have zero control over how someone else is acting, but it's not always easy.  There's the nasty nurse at work who I try so hard to avoid but eventually run across.  The snide comment a co-worker makes.  Today was a rough one for me, but throughout the day, I tried to gain a better perspective & realize that I can't change others, I can only change the way I react to their behavior.

My family definitely makes it easier to remember since they're what is truly important in my life.  I'm so thankful for my Cameron & Reese.  I'm so thankful for Mike who always has my back & makes me laugh every single day.  I may drive him crazy, but he's in it for the long haul!  I'm thankful for friends who stick by me through thick and thin.  Things aren't always picture perfect in life, but it takes a true friend to stick by after the dust settles.

Many people come & go but a true friend will always be there.  Family will always be there.  My family may be dysfunctional, loud & opinionated but they don't come in & out of my life; they're always there for me.  They frustrate the hell out of me at times & I'd like to strangle them on occasion, but I know they'll always be there for me.

When I'm having a bad day, I know I have Mike, Cam & Reese to come home to.  They're what make my house a home to me.  We're in the midst of house hunting right now which can be really stressful, but like I said to Mike last week, "no matter where we end up, I know we'll be happy since we have each other." That may sound corny, but my family & their good health is what really matters.

I'm thankful for Grammy who comes every few months, loves our kids with all of her heart & helps us out so much!

 So, when I'm feeling exasperated by how someone else is acting, I need to remember that getting frustrated & upset will do me no good.

What will do me good is knowing that I'm doing the best I can & I am blessed to have an awesome family & support system of people who love me.

In other news, this weekend we celebrated Taylor's first birthday!!  It seems like just yesterday I was visiting her at the hospital & now she's one!  And speaking of birthdays, today is my niece & Goddaughter, Madelyn's 9th birthday!  Happy birthday, Maddy, we love you lots!

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