Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Random happenings

Lately we've been having issues with Cameron staying in bed getting out of bed at night.  For example, Sunday night we fell asleep fairly early, only to wake up at 10:45pm with our bathroom light on & the cat on our bed.  Mind you, we went to sleep with the bathroom light off & the cat not on our bed since we sleep with our door closed. That had been the third time he'd gotten out of bed that night.  Another example; last week, we thought Cam was sleeping soundly in his room until we suddenly heard a voice coming from the guest bedroom where Grammy and her iPad stays.  We all looked at each other with wide eyes, saw that it was about 11pm & realized our three & a half year old was still awake, all the while thinking he had been sleeping for hours.  The audio button on the iPad he was messing with kicked on & blew his cover!

So, I've been wracking my brain to come up with a way to motivate him to stay in bed.  After ruling out duct taping him to the mattress, we did try story time as a reward since he loves it so much.  I lay with him in his teeny bed as Mike tells a few stories of Cam's choice.  If he gets out of bed, no story the next night.  Didn't work.  So, I bounced some ideas off of co-workers & decided to make a reward chart with star stickers.

For every night he stays in bed, he puts a sticker in the box & gets a small prize.  I picked up candy, random Spiderman toys, coloring books, etc.  This is our first night and the bugger stayed in bed with no issues!  We'll see if he keeps up the good work!  Here are my two love-bugs fast asleep..  That = downtime for Mommy!

That covers what's been going on with Cam lately.  As far as Reese is concerned, she's still eating her solids like a champ!  She went back to school Monday after gallivanting around town with Grammy the past couple of weeks. I knew I would send her with the food I've been making her, but I wasn't sure what containers to send them in.  

I sent Grammy on her favorite mission of all, the Walmart mission!  As much as I loathe the place, she loves it.  She ended up finding these awesome, Nuk stackable food cubes that work perfectly!  They're microwavable & dishwasher safe too.  They keep her food organized since we both know to take from the top down when feeding her or sending food to school.

And I also scored some very cheap inexpensive onesie/romper type outfits from Target that will be perfect for summer.  Can't beat $4 a pop!

Speaking of clothes, here are Mike's in a heap on our bedroom floor as usual!  Mind you, the hamper is about two steps from this very spot.  He'll never learn...

And also speaking of clothes, I am so over scrubbing Reese's outfits from her nearly daily blow-outs!!  Cam NEVER had blowouts & with Reese, it's constant!  Thankfully Grammy turned me onto Oxyclean which seems to be working like a charm sans scrubbing.

It's the little things in life that make me happy!

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  1. I hope the chart works for you guys! We started a "Jasper's Good Nights" chart a month or two back because of the same problem. It worked for about three nights. :(

  2. I hope the chart works too! That worked really well for us for potty training. I did find after a while that he had to see the reward or he didn't realize he was going to get it. So, I had rewards up on our entertainment center shelf where he could see them as a reminder but didn't get them till he got the sticker.

  3. Kimberly, just tonight, he got out of bed. I was so stinkin disappointed! He did it once & then fell asleep, so no sticker tomorrow!

    Sara, that's a thought.. maybe I should show him his reward before he heads to bed to give him more incentive to stay in bed. Ah, the things we have to do to manage these chillins! ;o)