Wednesday, May 26, 2010

20 Months vs. 372 Months

On Monday, I turned 372 months old & Cam turned 20 months old! I remember sitting on the couch on September 24, 2008, knowing I was going to be induced the next day & saying to my friend Lisa, I had really hoped Cam would've been born on the 24th of the month like me.

That was at around 1pm & little did I know that less than six hours later the little bugger would come busting out!

Cam tended to be very opinionated, even from the get-go; he definitely let us know when he wasn't happy. My mother-in-law attributed this to the fact that he was born on a Wednesday since apparently Wednesday's child is full of woe. I had never heard this saying before & when she asked what day of the week I was born, I was pretty sure it was a Thursday. My mother-in-law likes to tease me about my similar complaining, opinionated nature so when she found out I had also been born on a Wednesday, she smugly assumed that her theory was certainly correct!

Anyway, happy 20 month birthday to Cam & happy 372nd month birthday to me!

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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The BIG 3-1!!

Not only was yesterday my 31st birthday, but it was also our 8th wedding anniversary! We started the weekend by having our friends over for a party which included pizza, delish desserts & lots of silliness!

Leah & Cam were able to play for a while before it was time for night, night! Once the kiddos were asleep, it was time to act like kids ourselves!

I'm so incredibly lucky to have such awesome friends to celebrate with!

I was smitten with the presents Lauren & Josh got me! Love my scarf, wine stopper & headband!!

Lauren completely outdid herself with this smores inspired dessert! Look at how beautiful these are!! And the topper is, she came up with them off the top of her head! Thank you so much for taking the time to make something as creative as this for me!

Mike must have said something to annoy me!

Okay, I'm all better now!

And what party would be complete with out French braids?!

Matt pretended to know how to French braid when in reality he had no clue!

And the real goofiness begins!

We always seem to end up having a dance party! Or as I like to call it, dance par-tay!

To celebrate my actual birthday/our anniversary yesterday, we took the day off work which is something we rarely ever do. We dropped Cam off at daycare, had some breakfast at Panera & relaxed at the beach all afternoon until it was time for an early dinner on the water.

What an awesome day!

And as we drove around on my birthday, this song came on the radio! Hilarity!!

Anyway, I have to say it was an absolutely awesome birthday weekend spent with some amazing people! I'm so blessed to have such great friends & such a wonderful hubby!

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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Happy Birthday, Mom!

Yesterday was my mom's birthday, so to celebrate, the three of us met my mom & dad at a Japanese steakhouse. Cam has not been feeling well or sleeping well, but we woke him up from his nap just before it was time to leave in hopes that he'd be in good spirits during dinner. And his spirits were wonderful. If he wasn't confined to his highchair!

Cam enjoyed watching the chef cook in front of us, but after a little while he got bored with that too.

Although he did love seeing the flames from the onion volcano!

Cupcake & singing time!

Cam loves his carbs!

Somehow we manged to get a good group shot, this was an absolute miracle!!

But, as you can see, the cupcake even got old!

And wearing the chef hat? Uh, don't think so!

This is where we ended up spending a fair amount of time during dinner! Cam loved looking at the little stream they had out front & playing with the rocks, so we took shifts & brought him out there.

Regardless of Cam not cooperating to our expectations, we had a really great time & I'm so glad we were able to celebrate with my mom for her special day. By the way, if you have a Kobe Japanese Steakhouse in your area, you get a free meal on the day of your birthday if you show an ID. Free is good!

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Saturday, May 15, 2010


This child of mine is an absolute nut & loves bending the rules & getting a rise out of his parents, especially me! This morning, after giving Cam some cereal to eat, he decided it would be fun to chuck it around the room & manically laugh.

Stella was extremely happy with Cam's decision & had a blast snacking.

Next it was time to take his basket of toys & spill it all over the place. I guess when you have a toddler in the house, it's pretty much impossible to keep things in order until after nap time or bedtime. Silly me for even trying!

And do not let this sweet face or these blue eyes fool you! He's a maniac & he's not afraid to fly his freak flag!

That's my goofy guy & as much as he keeps us on our toes, I wouldn't change a thing about him! He's a loose canon, an absolute goofball & fits right in with our crazy household. Love you, Cam! Thanks for cracking me up everyday; you are truly one of a kind!

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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

2nd (kind of) Mother's Day

This was my second Mother's Day with Cam out of the belly & my third if you count the year when I was four months pregnant. After all the nausea, vomiting & fatigue, I wanted to be considered a mom on Mother's Day of 2008 too!

This past Saturday morning we packed up the whole family (dogs included) & headed down to my parent's condo on the beach. Our afternoon was very relaxing since we were extremely wiped out from staying up way too late on Friday night. Later that evening my brother, sister-in-law & nieces joined us for the festivities where we ordered pizza & enjoyed spending time together since we don't often get to hang out.

Mike let me sleep in until 9am Sunday morning & as soon as I got up, I was handed a piping hot cup of coffee. It was so nice to be spoiled! The joke of the morning was to shout, You're ruining Mother's Day! whenever someone did or said something wrong. It was ironic when I said it to Cam since he was the reason I was being celebrated that day in the first place!

We enjoyed an absolutely delish egg scramble Mike made with bacon and onion. Seriously, it's freaking amazing! (Although how could it not be? It's eggs, bacon & onion!)

We were also celebrating my awesome Goddaughter, Madelyn's 7th & Golden Birthday!! We all chipped in & got her a white gold necklace & charm with an "M" & the number 7 (for her 7th birthday on May 7th).

Next we sipped mimosas & opened Mother's Day presents. I seriously apologize for how hideous I look in this picture but I was emotional/teary-eyed after reading my Mother's Day cards & I was still in my pajamas & wearing no make-up. But, getting past my ugliness, I GOT A KINDLE FOR MOTHER'S DAY!!! Mike has known how much I've wanted one since I love reading so much & I was thrilled & shocked when I unwrapped my present!

The cousins got to spend time together & play which is so fun to see now that Cam is more on their level.

Demps was eagerly awaiting a potato chip, just praying Cam would drop one.

The rest of the afternoon was spent lounging & catching up at the pool & beach. It was an absolutely beautiful day!

My poor mom must have drawn the short straw since she was the one elected to apply sunscreen to the hairy man's back!

We ended Mother's Day by enjoying birthday cake for all the April/May birthdays in our family.

I had such an amazing day & it was so wonderful to celebrate with my whole family. Though being a mom can be challenging in so many ways, I thank God every night for blessing my life with Cam.

And thank you, Melanie, for letting me steal, I mean, borrow your pictures! What kind of a dim whit forgets their camera on Mother's Day weekend?!

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