Monday, May 3, 2010

Weekend Getaway

A couple of months ago when Lauren mentioned the idea of our group of friends hitting the beach for a weekend away to celebrate her 30th birthday, we were very excited about the possibility of getting away. After confirming that Cam's Grammy was willing to stay & watch him for the weekend, we were on board & so happy to go!!

We headed to New Smyrna Beach, FL which is basically straight across the state from us on the Atlantic side. Friday we all took half days at work, packed up & headed out for a weekend of fun. It was going to be the longest time I'd ever been away from Cameron, so I was nervous about that, but at the same time, extremely excited for a mini-vacay!

We kicked off Friday night by giving Lauren her birthday present; a green pair of Converse All Stars... kelly green color in honor of Lauren Green! We took a nice walk down the beach after that, stopped for drinks at a beach bar & had the entire area on the beach to ourselves. It was great!

Since we're all so used to getting up early, we were up before 7a.m. & enjoyed hanging out over coffee & a delicious breakfast prepared by Mike!

We were ready to head to the beach before 9am!

And I was ready with a fake smile plastered on my face. But inside I really was smiling. Of course I was, I had a day of fun ahead of me!

New Smyrna beach allows cars to drive and park along the shore. It was such a beautiful day & even though it was over 90 degrees, it was never hot with the wind & the sea air. We stayed at the beach the entire day, until it was time to freshen up for dinner.

And of course, with all that time in the sun, at least one of us was bound to get burned! I used the spray sunblock, but because of the wind, it didn't apply evenly & the side of my right leg was absolutely charred. The past 2 nights of sleep have been anything but restful because of it. When will I buy spray sunscreen again? NEVER!

We all got ready to head out to The Garlic for Lauren's birthday dinner.

Look at that handsome face!

The Garlic was such a cool place! We had the best table in the house & the atmosphere was so eclectic & tropical.

Our table was tucked away in the corner & we had a full view of the restaurant. Lauren was even serenaded for her birthday by an opera singer. After we left, we kept singing, "Bo, bo, bo, boboli!!" as if we were opera singers. Yes, we are most certainly lame & corny! But we were amused, none-the-less!

There was a lot of goofiness during our last night. Matt wore Lauren's dress and Lauren and Kelly wore Matt's clothes for an impromptu photo shoot.

And we ended Saturday night by having a dance party on the balconi while Josh played DJ. It was hilarious & we had an absolute blast! We can only imagine how happy the neighbors were to see us pack up & head out on Sunday morning!

Happy 30th Birthday, Lauren! We love you so!

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  1. The BEST time ever! Every time I look at any of those picture I smile. We definitely made some great memories -- in fact, I used my new pitcher tonight (to water the plants)! Loved our impromptu dance party too!!

  2. What an awesome weekend with my best friends!! I couldn't of had a better time! Bo Bo Bo Boboli......Bo Bo Bo lasagna! lol


  3. Great times can't wait to see where we are going for Laurens next birthday....who's that dork in the dress?

  4. Legendary times, just a great time around every corner. Can't say enough!