Wednesday, May 26, 2010

20 Months vs. 372 Months

On Monday, I turned 372 months old & Cam turned 20 months old! I remember sitting on the couch on September 24, 2008, knowing I was going to be induced the next day & saying to my friend Lisa, I had really hoped Cam would've been born on the 24th of the month like me.

That was at around 1pm & little did I know that less than six hours later the little bugger would come busting out!

Cam tended to be very opinionated, even from the get-go; he definitely let us know when he wasn't happy. My mother-in-law attributed this to the fact that he was born on a Wednesday since apparently Wednesday's child is full of woe. I had never heard this saying before & when she asked what day of the week I was born, I was pretty sure it was a Thursday. My mother-in-law likes to tease me about my similar complaining, opinionated nature so when she found out I had also been born on a Wednesday, she smugly assumed that her theory was certainly correct!

Anyway, happy 20 month birthday to Cam & happy 372nd month birthday to me!

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  1. That pic makes me laugh, nice face Cam. Love you guys.