Saturday, February 28, 2015

Back to normal

All our visitors have left sunny Florida & headed back up to the frigid cold of Chicago.  We had a wonderful time visiting with everyone, but it's always good to get back to the normal routine.

Papa used to run a Chicago White Sox fantasy camp where he made a baseball card each year.  Even though he doesn't do the fantasy camp anymore, he still makes an annual baseball card to pass out as he schmoozes with people.  This year's came out so cute!

We also take a picture with Grammy & the kids before she heads home each visit.


It's always sad dropping Grammy off at the airport!  She's such a big help when she visits.  It's always a transition getting back into the swing of the normal hectic schedule after she's gone.

In other happenings, my little baseball player had opening day last Saturday.  It's unbelievable to me what a commitment it is to have a kid involved in a sport.  We were at the fields last week all day long; nothing like having one of two of your weekend days gone!

Since Mike's a coach on Cameron's team, it's on me to keep this little girl occupied & entertained.  Usually it's no big deal, but opening day was a mob scene & Reese was having some fits, wanting to play in the bounce houses.  After a little bribery from the Dippin' Dots stand, she calmed right down!

This little nutter butter had crazy hair day at school last week, so Mike snapped this shot in the morning.  He's such a goofball!

This is how Reese went shopping with us last week!

This little girl is still gaga for the princesses & taking it upon herself to have many wardrobe changes each day.  She goes off into her room, closes her door & comes out in a different dress.  I try to discourage it since it's increasing the laundry load, but if it keeps her occupied & allows me to help Cam with his homework or work on dinner, I let it slide.  Sometimes you just have to pick your battles.  Especially when it comes to a very headstrong, feisty three year-old gal!

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Friday, February 13, 2015

Recent happenings

We've had a heck of a lot going on these days & I haven't found a free moment to update, so it's been a while!


Grammy's been in town for the past couple of weeks & Papa came down to spend last weekend with us.  We had the best time with the most incredible weather.

Our weekend started out Friday morning since we kept Cam out of school so we could head to Lego Land.  The day began on an exciting note since Cam lost his first top tooth!  He looks so cute with the missing spot, but I was still a bit sad to see it go since it's just another indicator that he's growing up too quickly!


Cameron was dead set on winning a minion from one of those carnival type games & I got it on the first try by knocking down three stacked cans.  Then he was dead set on winning the unicorn for Reese & apparently I lost my touch because I dropped way too much money & still didn't win the damn thing.  I was sick over the money I dropped, walking away prize-less, as Cam carried on about "really, really, really wanting to get Reesey the unicorn." 

Low & behold, Papa used his business skills & after dropping $10 & not winning it, he talked the girl into letting us just have it.  Yay!

Saturday afternoon we went canoeing at Lettuce Lake Park.   It was quite hilarious watching Grammy & Papa struggle & bicker while flailing around the river.  Although I shouldn't laugh too hard at them because I woke up with the sorest back Sunday morning.

We ended the day with dinner out on the beach at Whiskey Joe's.. nothing like waterside dining in February!


We wrapped up the weekend at this amazing Thai Temple in Tampa that opens to the public on Sunday for stands upon stands of amazing Thai food.  If you're in Tampa, you must check it out.. it only took us 10 years of living in the area to discover it, thanks to Mike's coworker.  Click here to check it out.

They also have a garden area where you can pick up some herbs as well as an endless selection of orchids.  Needless to say, I couldn't pass up such a beauty, so I'm now the proud owner of my first orchid.

This weekend we have unexpected guests in town, so it'll be another fun one!  We came home Wednesday evening to find Mike's brother & his best friend lounging on our couch.. I could not believe it.  They wanted to surprise it & they definitely accomplished that!

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