Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Recent happenings

Our weekends have been full & fun these days with plenty of time spent with family & friends!


We had a few leftover tickets from our Disney trip in 2014 that we hadn't used, so it was time to plan a trip to the most magical place on Earth.  And who better to spend it with than our besties, Matt & Kelly?  It turned out that our tickets had expired, but despite that, Disney issued us four free tickets because they "value us as customers."  How awesome is that?!

The weather was spectacular the day we went & we had the best time.  Epcot is by far my favorite park at Disney since I love their World Showcase of countries.  Love trying the different food & drinks & meeting the staff from each country.  It's the closest I've come to traveling around the world!

The kids were so excited to meet the characters.  At first Cam tried to play it cool & say he didn't want to meet Pluto since "he was just a person in a costume."  Low & behold, he loved it so much that he ran back for one extra hug.



It just so happened that the garden festival was going on so there were so many pretty colors surrounding us as we walked through the park.

We ended the night in France where we found this beautiful, quiet garden to watch the fireworks while we sipped on wine & ate scrumptious French food.  It was wonderful!

A few days after we came back, we celebrated Mike's 37th birthday & the kitties 14th birthday.  I made an ice cream cake by the Pioneer woman that was simple to put together & absolutely delish!  I used leftover candy from Easter so all I had to buy was ice cream, a pound cake & some magic shell chocolate topping.  Mike said it was his favorite birthday cake to date! 

Click here for the recipe, you'll love it!

While we enjoyed our ice cream cake, the kitties had a ball rolling around in a plate of cat nip.


In other happenings, Cameron has been doing awesome at baseball.  It's like a light bulb went on & he's playing better than he's ever played before.  It's really fun to watch!

This past weekend my Uncle Keith was in town from Chicago so my family scheduled an outing to the Rays vs. the White Sox for some tailgating & baseball.  Unfortunately I already had a baby shower planned this day, so I was incredibly bummed I wouldn't be able to make it.  When I found out the tailgating was happening early enough, I was so happy to be able to come out for a couple of hours before the game.  Tailgating is the best part anyway! 

The kids were so happy to hang with their cousins!


Maddy is always so sweet with Reese!


These two stinkers tend to leave their little cousin out of their exclusive Mikayla & Cameron club so I'm thankful Reese has Maddy.

Love getting to spend time with those that I love!!
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