Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Goodbye 1st grade, HELLO, 2nd grade!!

Today was Cameron's last day of first grade!

Our kiddo learned so much this year; his reading has improved by leaps & bounds & he's a math whiz!  We do need to continue to work hard on neater handwriting, but I'm proud to say that he had an awesome year.  It's funny because he ended up having a lot less homework than he had in kindergarten. 

Over the course of the school year, my guy grew 2" & gained 4#!!  Pretty soon, he'll be towering over my 5'3" frame!  This summer, Cameron will be spending his days at the school wraparound program, called PLACE.  It's only $60/week & they go on two field trips each week.  Much better than the $175/week we paid last year!!  Wednesdays he'll stay home with me & Reese... yay!

As you can see from Cam's chocolate coated face & shirt, it was ice cream & movie day for his last day.  The past few days have basically been time wasters & Monday he was only in school from 9-11:30 because of the tropical storm that swept through Florida. 

A couple of weeks ago I left work for a bit to catch Cameron's awards ceremony.  I'm so glad we were both able to make it because the look on his face when he saw us coming in was priceless.

His teacher gave out candy that was fitting for each personality.  Cameron was given the "Fun Dip" award since he brings fun to the classroom activities.  I felt it was very fitting, though if I had my choice he would have gotten Goobers!

They decorated a paper runway to walk down as they accepted their awards & Cameron drew dinosaurs & wrote, "I have the #1 Mom and Dad.  My Dad is so cool.  My Mom is so fun."  So sweet! 

I'm always ready to welcome summer break because of the more relaxed schedule, but this summer is especially exciting because this bad boy is going to be in our backyard!!  Next Tuesday starts the four week install process & I cannot wait!  Our pool will look exactly like this, minus the handrail.  It'll also be screened in since I cannot handle bugs.  It still hasn't sunk in that we're actually getting a pool... CANNOT WAIT!!!  Happy summer!

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