Saturday, July 9, 2016

Just keep swimming, just keep swimming!

Our pool is finally, nearly done & we're officially swimming!  It's been an exciting four week process, watching our backyard being completely transformed.

This was our yard the weekend before they started our pool (June 11th).

I had to work the day construction started, Tuesday, June 14th.  Mike was home so he sent me pictures throughout the morning but I was chomping at the bit to get home & watch what was going on.

I went into work really early the day of the pool drop to be sure I could get home in time to watch it be craned over our house, into the hole they dug in our backyard.

 The process took longer than they expected since the crane driver was afraid the pool was too heavy, so he called in a 30,000 pound weight to be sure the crane didn't tip.  Better safe than sorry; I sure would hate for a pool & crane to come crashing through our house!

As the pool swept over the top of our house, all of our neighbors gathered, sweating in the scorching heat to watch it happen.

I said to Mike last night, as we swam in the pool, that I think we're likely even more thankful for our pool since we were part of the whole process, rather than had we moved into a house with an existing pool.  Such an exciting time!

The poor guys that had to work in the horrific heat, spent the next four days, back-filling dirt around the pool to make it level & secure.  We left them handmade cards, OJ & donuts one of the mornings as a thank you for all their hard work.

As I worked out up in our bonus room, I had a great view of watching the progress happen each day.


After the dirt was leveled out & the plumbing was done, it was time for the concrete to be poured for the first stage of the pool deck.

I loved coming home from work each day to watch the progress!

We had about a one-week standstill after the concrete was poured since the paver guys were booked.  This is a very busy time of year for pool installs!!

The pavers have completely transformed the look of the patio.. I love it so much!

Even after the pavers were done, we still couldn't swim since the pool was absolutely disgusting from all the construction that had gone on in the previous weeks.  There were about three inches of dirt coating the bottom of the pool & the chemicals hadn't been put in, so swimming was not an option!  The fourth of July was torturous since we just sat on our gorgeous, new patio, sweating our tails off, just looking at our new pool! 

This past Tuesday, July 5th, Mike messaged me at work saying, "I have good & bad news about the pool, which do you want first?"  I wanted the bad news first & was so disappointed to hear that our screen enclosure wouldn't be installed for another ten days. Ugh!  Then he told me the good news, the pool was being cleaned that very day & we would be able to officially start swimming!!!!  YAY!  The pool guy was at the house when I got home from work & he said it took him over three hours to clean!  It was exactly a four week process from the day the pool install started to the day we went swimming.

As the pool was being installed, we went on Amazon & each picked a raft, so I came home that day & inflated all the rafts.  As soon as Mike had come home & we ate dinner, it was time to take our first jump!  We've been in the pool every night since then, enjoying the heck out of our new pool!  We are so thankful!!!  If you live in our area & our considering a fiberglass pool, I highly recommend our company, Hawaiian Island Pools.  Lee & his crew have been absolutely amazing to work with... so amazing that our next door neighbor met with him the weekend after our pool was dropped & bought our exact model!

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