Tuesday, May 22, 2012

My weekend

I had a very busy weekend, having a pre-birthday celebration with my friends & family.  My birthday is two short days from now & since I'll be out of town, we had to celebrate early.  Mike & I head to Savannah, GA after work tomorrow for four nights away to celebrate our 10th anniversary which just so happens to fall on my birthday.  Yes, I did get married on my birthday.  My 23rd birthday to be exact.  Having an anniversary on your birthday isn't the best idea, but it's fine!

Friday night we headed to a cool restaurant for some sushi & martinis.  Then we hit up the Brass Tap which is a beer bar.  We ended up daring each other to do moronic things which was hilarious!  I'm not usually one for dares since I'm not insanely outgoing with strangers, but it was a lot of fun.  Who said you can't act like a goofball when you're in your thirties?!  Low thirties to be exact, mmmkay?

Renee's dare was to ask this guy to line dance with her!
Lauren had to fly across a bar stool.
And I had to get the older fella to sign my chest!  I'm a real class act, don't ya know?!

Saturday we laid low & just had a very relaxing day.  We stayed in our PJs most of the day which was very rare & very welcoming.

Cam finally got around to playing with the set of blocks we got him for Christmas.  I told you it was rare that we have a relaxing, at home day! 

Reese enjoyed munching on the blocks & hopping around in her jumper like an absolute mad woman.  She is utterly hilarious in that thing, jumps like crazy & keeps her mouth open while saying, "Haaa, haa, ha, ha, ha!"  It's way too cute!

The quality isn't so hot since this is from my phone, but here's the wide open trap!

I'm super excited to go to Savannah tomorrow since Mike & I haven't been away together since our fifth anniversary, but I have to admit that I am nervous too.  I know the kids will be in wonderful hands with my mom & dad, but I'm going to miss them so!  I've never been away from Reese overnight & really, I've only been away from Cam a handful of times.  I'm sure once we hit the road after work, my anxiety will ease, but the anticipation is getting to me! 

Well, it's off to do laundry & finish packing!  Hope everyone is having a great week!

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  1. You crack me up! Happy early birthday & anniversary! Have a great trip!