Sunday, April 29, 2012

My day off

I had such a great day off on Wednesday!  The weather was amazing with high of 73 & sunny (since then it's been a lot hotter so we enjoyed the heck out of the cooler temps).  We headed to the park in the morning & let Cam run around like a nut while Reese kicked back & took it all in.  Grammy is still in town so it was great to have her company.

Reese absolutely loves to be outside, looking around & enjoying the weather.  She is such a happy girl.

I was so thankful to have the day with my kiddos. 

Our time at the park abruptly ended when nature called & I nearly peed in my pants!  When I gotta go, I really gotta go!  

As Reese napped I let Cam play in the bath & paint the walls with shaving cream dyed with food coloring.  I stole this idea from my friend Lesli, so thank you, Lesli!

When he was done, the masterpiece was easily washed off with a cup of water.


Grammy has been loving her time with Reesey!  Her visit always flies by & she'll be heading back to Chicago on Saturday.  Boo hoo!  We love having her here!  

I made Reese another batch of baby food & this time it was applesauce.  I was able to try this babycook machine that cooks & purees the food in one.  My friend Jill lent it to me & it was handy though I would not recommend spending the money on it since you can easily use your own pots/pans/steamer basket & food processor & make larger batches than this will make.  So, if you're looking to buy one, my opinion is, save your money!  

Thus far Reese has tried sweet potatoes, rice cereal, peas & bananas.  She'll try the applesauce & butternut squash next.  She's doing great with solids & seems to be accepting of all that she's tried.  The face she made after the peas told me she didn't love them, but she kept going back for more!

We had such a great Wednesday together! 

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  1. Wow - such a fun idea with the saving cream! Glad you had a fun day off with the kiddos and grammy!