Saturday, April 14, 2012

Five months!

Reese, you're officially five months old today! You're changing so much these days & it amazes me how much you've grown!

You're still the most amazingly sweet, easy & happy baby I've ever met. I tell your daddy that we should have named you Joy because that's exactly what you are.

So, what are you up to these days? Well, you're eating five, six ounce bottles of breast milk a day & we'll be starting you on solid food tomorrow. I'm planning on making your baby food which I didn't do for your brother. Not that you're any more special to us than he was, but this time around things just seem a lot easier on me. You eat at 7am, 10am, 1pm, 4pm & 7pm.

You adore your paci & when we dropped you off at school last week & forgot it in the car, your teachers said you had a rough go of things. We made sure to leave an extra at school after that! Otherwise, your teachers adore you & just yesterday one said that she had never met a happier baby before. She might tell all the parents that, but I doubt it!

You're still an amazing sleeper, thank God! After we feed you your last bottle, we swaddle you up & put you to bed & you're out like a light within seconds. No rocking or anything. Have I mentioned that you rule?! Well, you do! You're usually asleep by 7:30pm & you wake up right around 7am.

You rolled over for the first time on Easter Sunday! I wasn't for sure that you didn't have a little help, but Grandma confirmed it when I talked to her the other day. You don't love to be on your belly though & quickly complain when you're there. You wear size two diapers & 3-6 month clothes.

You put everything in your mouth & end up soaking your shirts in drool these days. You love to chew on your hands & especially your feet. You make the funniest sounds as you try to talk to us & we love hearing all of your stories! You have the cutest laugh that cracks me up!

You & your brother still adore each other which melts my heart. Watching him talk so sweetly to you as he makes sure you're taken care of, makes me so happy. You're so very lucky to have such an awesome big brother. I look so forward to watching the two of you grow & experiencing all life has to bring for us!
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