Monday, April 9, 2012

A really great Easter

We had a really great Easter this year! We headed down to Sarasota early Saturday morning & enjoyed a relaxing day with my family. The weather couldn't have been better & it was so great to just sit by the pool, have a few cocktails & enjoy each other. My sister mixed up some pretty tasty mojitos on Saturday evening!

Sunday the kids woke up around 7:30 & excitedly ran to the kitchen to find their Easter baskets. Cameron was gaga over his "red bird" from Angry Birds since he plays on Mike's phone a lot.

Reesey slept in so she didn't get her Easter basket until a little later. She actually slept in my parent's huge walk-in closet & was the perfect roommate for them since she never made a peep all night. What an awesome girl!

Last time we visited my parents we lugged Cam's tricycle down which was no easy feat since we have so much to lug with us with two kids & two dogs. This time, there was just no room because of the Easter baskets. As we pulled in Cam asked about his bike so we decided to surprise him & pick up a reasonably priced bike at Walmart while my mom watched the kids. He was so thrilled & rode around like an absolute champ. He put Elmo & his cars in the dinosaur head in front.

After breakfast as the kids rode their bikes, the Easter bunny laid out some eggs in the backyard for them to hunt.

They had such a great time looking for the eggs & Cam was the big winner & won the prize golden egg!

Reese just hung out & took it all in! She loved the heck out of her very first Easter!

She's a lucky girl to have such loving cousins!

Cam, Mikayla, Mike & my dad braved the cold water of the pool after the egg hunt. There was no chance of me setting foot in there! Actually, I take that back.. after I stupidly stepped into an ant hill & got bitten, I did soak my feet in the pool. And Mike knelt in that same ant hill & his legs are now destroyed with angry looking welts. Damn ants.

We ended the evening by singing happy birthday to Mike who will turn 33 this Friday the 13th. It was an awesome weekend that I was sorry ended so quickly!

Hop over to Cam & Reese's blog to see pictures of them coloring eggs & for Reese's 4 month growth stats!

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