Saturday, May 14, 2011

Mother's Day 2011

I'm just now editing Mother's Day pictures since I came down with an absolutely miserable stomach bug on Tuesday evening. I was violently ill for 12 hours, didn't sleep except for half hour fitful stretches until it was time to be sick yet again. I stayed home from work Wednesday & literally never left the recliner. Thank goodness for Bravo TV & for Mike who took care of Cam so I could rest. The bug hit me just as my pregnancy nausea seemed to be loosening its grip on me so I really haven't had a break from throwing up in about six weeks! Fun stuff!

Mother's Day morning we headed to my parent's condo for family time by the beach & pool. The weather was spectacular & it was such a relaxing, perfect day.

Cam had a wonderful time swimming with his cousins & lounging around the pool.

Look at our lil beach bum!

He was looking super cool as he munched on some popcorn!

He was also lucky enough to share his cousin's root beer float! This was Cam's very first taste of a root beer float.

After dinner we celebrated Maddy's birthday as well as my mom's (which happens to be tomorrow).

Cam enjoyed Maddy's Barbie doll far more that Mike would have liked!

Mikayla made her mommy a precious Mother's Day card.

And Cam helped blow out the candles! Notice the chocolate on his face? He helped himself to a bite off the side of the cake before we were even able to sing! Click here to see the video on Cam's blog.

And we all opened our Mother's Day presents.

But this is the best Mother's Day present I could ever imagine! LOVE MY BOY!

Cam ended the evening in a bath/water fight with his cousin! It was an absolutely wonderful Mother's Day!

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  1. Uh, I'm sorry Allison. I can't help but feel the bug started with Mikayla. She had a little diarrhea on Mother's Day remember? It's crazy because you, Maddy & my friend Sarah (who we were with on Saturday) all came down with the bug on Tuesday. But I didn't come down with it until late Weds & Mike on Friday but our cases weren't very bad. I'm sure because you are pregnant you had it the worst! Thank God it came & went quick! AND... Mother's Day was great, like always. I love our visits at the condo. If Dad's in town for Father's Day we should go again. He might be going to Chicago to work some shows if the Bulls win the Championship.