Monday, May 23, 2011

Rescue Pack!

Ages ago I started to dance through the living room each time the Rescue Pack song came onto Go Diego Go. Before I knew it, Cam began joining in & it became our thing to dance together. Sometimes I'll be distracted when it comes on, but he always finds me immediately & says, "Come on, Mommy!" No matter how tired I am when that dang song comes on, I get up & dance my butt off with him & by the time we're done, I always feel so much better!

You'll see by the end of our dance I'm struggling to swing him around... it's not as easy as it used to be when he was a lot smaller! Mike missed our high-five at the end which we always do!


  1. haha! you guys are so cute!!

  2. Rescue Pack ! Coming to the rescue!!! al rescate!!

    I love it too!

  3. Very sweet! It's nice to see you guys have so much fun together!