Sunday, May 22, 2011

15 Week Update

Well, I'm officially 15 weeks along!

How am I feeling? I've been more tired this past week/weekend which kind of stinks! Since I have OCD about keeping my house in order, it's hard for me to relax without having a guilty conscience. But, I am taking it easy since sometimes I'm just too tired to fight it. I hit the gym three times last week so I'm grateful for that!

Any new changes this week? It seems that my heartburn has officially kicked in! Yay for me! Thankfully milk extinguishes some of the burn. Other than that, I really haven't noticed any new changes.

Weight gain? I believe I'm a pound up from last week but still a couple pounds down from when I got pregnant. My appetite has definitely picked up since the nausea has subsided so the weight gain will definitely keep coming. Obvious statement since there's a growing baby inside of me!

On to other events, as we watched Brunch at Bobby's on the Cooking Channel yesterday & I began to completely crave biscuits & gravy so that's what we whipped up for breakfast this morning. Who knew homemade gravy could be so very easy?

Cam seemed to enjoy his breakfast! It's all a facade though since he didn't touch his biscuit, we didn't bother even giving him gravy since it was really peppery & he'd say, Too spicy! and we tricked him into eating half of his eggs. Ah the joys of feeding a picky toddler! Many times we have to chant, Buzz bite! Buzz bite! in order to get him to eat. Yes, it's in honor of Buzz Lightyear who you can see on his pajamas. Who knew we would be reduced to this?

And as I came into the kitchen to have some lunch this afternoon, I found these two snuggle bugs taking a nap together!

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