Tuesday, May 17, 2011

14 Week Update

I've been debating if I'll try to post weekly updates during my pregnancy & I decided I'd give it a go since this will likely be my last pregnancy. So here goes nothing!

How am I feeling? I'm finally starting to feel human again! Weeks 8-12 were extremely rough & I was nauseous/throwing up basically every day except Saturdays. I'm sure that was because my stress level is the lowest that day & I'm not forced to run around. With this pregnancy my vomiting was worse in the evenings; come 5pm, I had to be near a bathroom & I could barely eat dinner. With Cam, I vomited more in the mornings. My energy level has been ZERO so going to work all day & managing Cam in the evenings has been anything but easy. I'm so happy to be feeling more like myself these days! I've even gotten back to the gym which feels so great!

Any new changes this week? Other than hearing Baby Perno's heart beat yesterday, nothing new is going on except that I seem to be showing more lately. Most of the time I still look like I've just downed ten too many beers & burgers rather than truly looking pregnant.

Weight gain? I'm still a few pounds down from where I was when I got pregnant which was also the case with Cam. With Cam I lost about 8 pounds in my first trimester, this time I lost 5. I already seem to be gaining it back though since I can actually eat again.

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  1. Happy 14 weeks! So glad to hear that you are feeling more like yourself again! That 1st trimester is a bitch, isn't?!?

  2. The first trimester is KILLER!!