Tuesday, May 31, 2011

16 Week Update

I'm now 16 weeks & Baby Perno is the size of an avocado this week! I read that the baby will go through a huge growth spurt & double in size over the next few weeks... pretty exciting!

How am I feeling?
Pretty good! No major complaints other than more consistent heartburn. Some days I feel like there's battery acid bubbling in my throat!

Any new changes this week?
I started feeling the baby move this week!!! Saturday (the first day of week 16) I was pretty sure I felt flutters & by the next day they were much stronger & I was sure it was the baby. I remember feeling Cam for the first time on my last day of week 16 so this little one was about six days sooner. I am beyond excited to finally be feeling Baby Perno... this is my favorite part of pregnancy! In other news, we'll be finding out Baby Perno's gender in an elective ultrasound we scheduled for this Friday!! I cannot wait! My gut tells me this is a girl, but does anyone else have any guesses or feelings?

Weight gain? I'm up one pound from last week but still down a pound or half pound from when I got pregnant.

Last Tuesday was my birthday so this weekend Mike completely surprised me by inviting our friends over for a birthday breakfast. Lets just say that I was not at all prepared seeing as it was a surprise & I happened to be sitting on the couch in my pajamas wearing no bra when everyone came in! I was so surprised but also embarrassed & quickly ran to change & make myself look less frightening. It was such a great morning & I'm extremely thankful for my friends & hubby!!

Our group is rapidly expanding! There were four two-year olds, two newborns & two babies on the way. Pretty soon there will be eight kids in our group!

Matt & Kelly were so incredibly sweet & baked me this gorgeous apple struesel cake. It tasted just as good as it looks!

Sunday my parents came up to celebrate my birthday & we had an awesome visit with them. Cam was so happy to see his grandma & grandpa!

I was telling my mom how awful the dollar store pregnancy tests were since I took them for five days when I just knew I was pregnant & got a negative each time. I finally went & got a drugstore test which was immediately positive. So my mom said, Wouldn't it be funny if you took one now & it was still negative? So we ran & got one but this time there was a bold pink second line right away. I pretended I just found out I was pregnant & everyone jumped around & congratulated me! Yes, we're lame!

It was then time for Cam's favorite activity.. birthday cake! And the candle thief was at it again & just had to blow out my candles before me!! Even after he did it once he was ticked off when they were re-lit & I blew them out.

Here's my cake hound! It was an absolutely fantastic long weekend spent with family & friends. We enjoyed the extra day off & the beautiful weather at Lauren & Josh's pool yesterday! It's amazing how much one extra day away from work can do for a person!

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  1. Looks & sounds like you had a fabulous weekend! Mike was so sweet to surprise you with a birthday brunch! He needs to give your brother some tips! I'm glad you all had a nice visit with Mom & Dad too, I'm sure Cam will go crazy for cake again this weekend at the girls party! Lol, and I can't wait to hear if Baby Perno is a boy or girl but of course I'm hoping for a girl! :)

  2. Ha! I love that pic of you and Mike with the pregnancy test. Too cute! It was so fun at your surprise birthday brunch!