Monday, May 16, 2011

Bolognese & Babies

As I watched Secret's of a Restaurant Chef with Anne Burrell on the Food Network last year, I knew I would make her Pasta Bolognese recipe. When I did, probably the following weekend, it was completely delicious & full of flavor. I decided it was time to have this sauce again so I made it again yesterday.

This is definitely a weekend sauce since it takes about four hours. It's very easy to make though so don't be intimidated by the time! The sauce is all about the concentration of flavors which takes time; lots of reducing & simmering. Click here for the recipe, you won't regret it.

This recipe will easily feed eight adults. We brought it over to Lauren & Josh's with a loaf of French bread & enjoyed it with a salad Lauren whipped up.

Any excuse to spend time with little Taylor is fine by us!

Is she beautiful or what?

And check out these dainty little toes!!

Speaking of babies, I paid a visit to the doctor for my fourteen week check-up today. I was able to hear Baby Perno's heart beat which was music to my ears! His or her heart rate was 156 BPM & the doctor said it sounded strong & healthy. It's funny because Cam's heart rate was always right around 140 BPM so who knows, maybe the difference means that Baby Perno is a girl?! We'll see in about 5-7 weeks! Honestly though, and I know most everyone says this, but as long as this baby is healthy, I'll be thrilled with either a boy or a girl. We are already so blessed!

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  1. Gosh 14 weeks already!? You never know, the BPM might determine gender OR the difference between a mellow Cam or Maddy to an active Mikayla! The girls' BPMs differed by about 10 beats. Take a guess which one was higher. Little Taylor is so cute! I haven't seen any pics with her eyes open yet tho! Dinner looked yummy too, glad you had a relaxing weekend!

  2. Dinner and company were GREAT! =) Happy to hear about baby Perno!

  3. Mel, if you consider Cam mellow then we are absolutely screwed with this little one!

  4. Wow, you got a comment out of Josh! He never comments! :)

    Dinner WAS great and leftovers last night were just as good. Thanks again for that.

    So glad to hear Baby Perno is doing well. I think I am just as excited to find out the sex of this baby as you guys are! Tay's BPM was always low, like 130's, so I don't think BPM has to do with the sex. She was just very calm in utero.