Thursday, August 18, 2011

27 Week Update

I'm now 27 weeks along & Reese weighs nearly two pounds & is fourteen & a half inches long at about the size of head of cauliflower!

How am I feeling?
As Reese is getting higher in my belly, I'm starting to get a continuous knife-like pain in my upper, back ribcage just like I did with Cam. Luckily it's only bothering me at night vs. all day long. I know it's related to my rib cage beginning to expand & I'm sure it'll only get more persistent as she gets bigger. My torso is so dang short that my lil babies have only so much room to grow!

Any new changes this week?
I had a routine OB appointment on Monday & all looked wonderful! Reese seems to be moving non-stop on some days & is actually doing flip-flops as I type this. I'm pretty sure I've felt her have the hiccups this week but I wasn't positive. Cam had hiccups all the time when I was pregnant with him & I always felt bad when that happened for some reason! I've been getting ankle & foot cramps at night which are not fun. I jumped out of bed in a major hurry this morning when my entire ankle contorted with a cramp.

I've been telling Cameron that I'm going to be Baby Reese's mommy but he's just not having it as he says, "No, you're my mommy!" So I'll then say, "Who is Baby Reese's mommy then?" and he always responds with "Auntie Lo Lo!" (who had Baby Taylor 3 and a half months ago). So, he's going to be in for quite a surprise when she arrives & he realizes she's here for good!

Weight gain?
8 pounds.

And my little munchkin Cameron has been having a wonderful visit with his Grammy & Auntie Erika this week who drove down from Chicago. Grammy bought Cam Toy Story 3 the other day & he's been watching it non-stop! There's a part in the movie where a little girl pretends one of her toys is a witch. So, he started using his imagination last night by pretending my book light is a "witchy wand" with magical powers. His vocabulary is expanding by leaps & bounds & it's so awesome to watch him grow & change. He is such an amazingly sweet & loving kid & I just cannot get enough of my little man!

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  1. You look super cute! Love that growing belly.

    That is so cute that Cam thinks I'm Reecie's Mommy! :-)