Sunday, January 31, 2010

From Boring to BOLD!!

Just as I love making changes in my appearance by coloring my hair, I absolutely LOVE using color on our walls & changing things up. Recently, I've become bored with our guest bathroom.; the walls are a tan/taupe; a very safe color. I'm not necessarily one who likes to play it safe when it comes to color, so I thought that our bathroom needed a drastic face lift to keep things interesting.

I love the combination of bright green & chocolate brown so I used that as the inspiration for our bathroom makeover. I've never chosen a paint color without Mike's opinion before, so this was a first for me since I hit Home Depot on my way home from work on Friday. Unlike some women, I normally rely on Mike's opinion when it comes to decorating since we have very similar taste & he actually shows interest in how our house is decorated.

Anyway, Mike was a tad surprised when he saw the preview dollop of green on the top of the paint can as I pulled in from Home Depot. Luckily he's easy going & went with my plan!

These are the BEFORE pictures of our bathroom; like I said, very safe & somewhat dull.

And this is the absolutely, positively hideous light fixture I've been living with for years. I despise it & I'm thrilled to see it where it belongs -- in the trash.

And here is our new light fixture! And the very BOLD shade of green I chose!

We also painted the vanity a dark chocolate color & added hardware to freshen things up. This also happens to be the same color we painted our kitchen cabinets about two years ago.

All the accessories were purchased at Target. I had to keep the towel with the monkey on it since Cam loves it. He typically sits in his bath, notices it & starts saying, "ahh, ahh!" which is his interpretation of a monkey.

And that's our new bathroom! I'm sure many won't like the color I chose; I can only imagine what my mom will say. I'm guessing, wow, this is an interesting color.... And by interesting, she'll be thinking, Holy hell, this is hideous!

But, that's okay! We love it & we're the ones who live here, after all!

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  1. Wow! What an amazing transformation! You are very bold with you color selections, but they always look great. I love the shower curtain! You said that was from Target, right? I can't wait to see it in person.

  2. i love the curtain too! and u make me want to paint our cabinets....whats your secret to making it look so good? we have those hideous hollywood light fixtures too. i want to smash them. good job!

  3. What a fun color Allison! Especially for a bathroom that Cam uses! Painting the cabinet was a great idea too. The darker color gives a nice contrast. I like the new light fixture too. It looks a lot like the one we put in our bathroom. My redecorating projects are a work in progress. *sigh* Props to you for getting the whole bathroom redecorated in one weekend!

  4. Thanks, girls, I'm glad you like the new look! Yep, the shower curtain was from Target for $27.

    Painting the cabinets could not be easier (that was actually the easiest part of the project). I primed it first so the paint would "stick" to the cabinets; I didn't even have to sand them. Let that dry for a couple of hours & then do 2 coats of the chocolate brown paint. Then Mike installed the hardware in about 5 minutes. Definitely an easy way to make a major impact with very little money spent.

  5. Pretty wild and awesome! Great job!