Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Whirlwind Day!

Yesterday we decided that I would take the day off work today since Cam hasn't been feeling well (Mike stayed home with him Monday). I stayed up kind of late last night watching TV & as I drifted to sleep around midnight, my slumber was quickly interrupted by a crying Cameron.

I headed to his room to attempt to rock him back to sleep, but when I realized he wasn't going to calm down anytime soon, I decided I'd give him some milk. Off to the kitchen I fumbled with a screaming 28# baby in hand to pour the milk; not an easy task when you're half asleep & it's dark in the house. I also gave him another dose of Motrin, but before I could successfully administer it to his mouth, I ended up wearing it.

After getting back to bed around 1:15 this morning, it seemed like only minutes went by when I heard Cam crying again at about 6:15. And that's when our busy day began! Later that morning, when we were settled, I thought a walk could be nice since it was such a beautiful day. I quickly ran to my room to grab some socks, only to be gone from the room for about ten seconds, when I noticed Cam violently waving my travel coffee mug about, spewing coffee ALL OVER our light tan rug. I had put it far back on our end table, but apparently not far enough for the little Houdini! And thankfully the coffee was not hot because I would have never forgiven myself had Cam been burned.

Since we were fresh out of carpet cleaner, the walk was scratched & we headed to Target to buy more. I probably spent about two hours total scrubbing & re-scrubbing that darn rug until it looked decent. The rest of the day basically included Cam crying & fussing, dogs barking incessantly, cleaning, laundry, cooking, Cam crying & fussing some more and on, and on, and on. By the time evening rolled around, I felt torn, tattered & haggard! How can such a little person poop me out like that?!? All in all though, we did have a lot of good moments throughout the day; some cuddling, laughing, reading & joking. And as much work as it was, it was awesome to spend such quality time with Cam today. I hate that our days off together during the week only happen when he's sick, but I'll take what I can get.

I'll leave you with this recipe I made for dinner tonight from my Food Network magazine; the dish was called chili-chicken posole which I had never heard of before, but it was basically a Mexican stew. Very easy to make & even easier since I used pre-cooked/cut chicken. I topped our bowls off with cubed avocado as well as crushed baked tortilla chips. Very flavorful, hearty & healthy!

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