Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Animal Planet

Some weekends & evenings can get quite chaotic around here since we're living under one roof with a 15-month old baby boy, a black Pug, a three pound Chihuahua & two cats!

Since Cameron has come to the realization that he can get lots of attention from the dogs by waving food in their faces, it has become quite a game for him! Our Pug, Dempsey has seriously grown to adore Cameron since he is the source of much of her snacks & treats. Just this weekend Cam chucked a quarter of his turkey sandwich on the ground & Demps was one happy dog! Not ten minutes later, I noticed a huge, yellow stain of cat puke on our bedroom floor with cheese visible in the mess. Yep, Casper got a nice treat from Cam as well! Unfortunately for our rug, the cheese didn't sit very well.

This morning Cameron was playing in the family room as I got ready for work. When things got a bit too quiet, I checked on him & found him in the kitchen, pulling the dog bed out from under a once comfortable Chihuahua named Stella. And last week as Cam slept & we ate dinner in the kitchen, Mike heard a "meow" over the baby monitor! When I quietly opened Cam's bedroom door, I didn't see or hear a cat within the darkness, so I left his room. Halfway back to the kitchen, I confirmed that the "meow" was indeed coming from his bedroom. Where did I find Casper? Meowing & curled up next to an oblivious, sleeping baby!

Some days I'm at my wits end with the lot & feel tired of hearing myself say, "no, Cameron, do not put your toys into the pet's water dish!" "No, Dempsey, quit licking his face!" "Cameron, leave Stella alone, she's sleeping & doesn't want to be bothered!" "Casper, get out of his crib!" It seems that our cat KC is the one left out here; seems he is the most behaved!

But, as much as they tend to drive me up a wall, I do love them very much; they bring our family so much happiness & always keep things interesting. I guess they've realized I'm bluffing by now when I yet again threaten to leave them at the curb for garbage pickup!

KC doesn't want to be bothered unless he's ready for some lovin'. Then we call him SS KC Boy aka The Serial Snuggler!

Cam loves laying his head on Casper's back for hugs & saying, "Awww!"

And here's the food hound, Dempsey. Cameron is her best friend... mostly during mealtime!

It's the little princess, Stella. Don't mess with her when she's sleeping or things can get ugly!

And here's the leader of the four-ringed circus, folks! It's Cam, just lounging in the dog bed with a nice sippy-cup of juice. A standard Saturday morning in our nutty household!

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  1. You've definitely got your hands full with all those pets, but there is always someone to snuggle with!