Saturday, January 9, 2010

Oh, The Weather Outside...

As I lounge on my couch in fuzzy socks, over-sized sweats & Mike's sweatshirt, I take in the coziness of it all & feel happy that it's cold outside. Yes, I moved from Illinois to Florida to escape the endless cold of the winter, but at the same time, I desperately miss the change of seasons. I get tired of wearing nothing but t-shirts & flip flops & long for my cozy sweaters & colorful scarves. As I was relaxing, appreciating the weather & browsing the web (I must also add that I'm listening to my Pug let out some major gas), I stumbled over to my sister-in-law, Melanie's blog where I saw that she had recently been thinking about the weather as well.

It is true that you don't expect to move to Florida & get a major string of days with record-breaking cold temperatures. BUT, I am loving it! What I miss most about winter & Illinois is not feeling guilty about spending your entire weekend inside & never getting dressed because you're too cozy in what you went to bed in the night before. Here in Florida it's usually insanely bright, sunny & warm & I feel that I must get outside & enjoy the weather. And no, that is certainly not anything to complain about since I'd usually be stir-crazy by January when I lived up North, but once in a while it's great to have a change of scenery.

I've also noticed that Floridians can be really wimpy about the cold weather even though the majority have moved from the North & have dealt with FAR colder temperatures. It's 40 degrees outside; keep your children & pets inside! If you MUST venture out; make sure their heads are covered! Give me a break. People up North are far tougher! And again I will say, yes, I understand that you don't move to Florida & expect to be forced to handle the cold, but still! Use it as a reason to cuddle up inside, have a glass of hot chocolate with marshmallows, make some chili, watch a movie & huddle under the covers. Because come July, you'll be complaining that it's hotter than hell & wishing for cooler temperatures!

But, maybe it's just me? Maybe if I dislike insanely hot temperatures, I had no business moving to Florida; the Sunshine State! Where it's consistently 93 degrees & 95% humidity for four straight months. And maybe if I enjoy the cold so much, I should just move back to Illinois where I came from. Guess you just can't please this gal!!

Oh, well. Happy Winter!

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  1. 'I get tired of wearing nothing but tshirts and flip flops'?!?! Who says things like that?! What is wrong with you?!

  2. Great minds truly think alike! I am truly loving this winter! It actually feels like winter! This is by far the coldest winter ever since Mike & I moved to Florida. I love having a reason to just stay in and have some quality home time with Mike & the girls!

  3. Josh, Mike is telling me I'm crazy too! He said, "I wish I could be wearing shorts right now; I feel like I'm suffocating when I'm wearing jeans!" But shorts just get old to me after a while. A change is good!

  4. lesli from ILLINOIS -land of frigidnessJanuary 9, 2010 at 10:25 PM

    haha! what is the temp there???? I hadn't heard it was so cold. today it was 7 degrees here and i was outside without a coat!!!! and my child was outside in just her socks! call me crazy, or call me a tough northerner!!!! however, in my mind, winter is almost over! march signals spring, even if it still snows well into april. it's a mental thing.

  5. It's 7:51pm on Sunday as I type this & 32 degrees! Last night, the wind chill was 10-15 degrees which is nuts for these parts! But it will be warming up to the sixties by the end of the week. So much for global warming!

  6. I agree with you, Allison. However, I'm getting a little tired of it being sooo cold. I want it to be cold, not freezing.

    Yesterday Matt, Leah and I were walking through an outdoor strip mall. Mind you, Leah had on a shirt, sweater, heavy winter coat, hat, hood and a thick blanket over her. This stranger had the gull to say to me..."where are the baby's gloves?". I looked at her and said "she's perfectly fine." I couldn't believe it. People think it's the artic or something.