Saturday, January 30, 2010

Are You Kidding Me?

So why is it that Monday through Friday when my alarm goes off, I feel like I would give my right arm to just sleep a little longer, yet this Saturday morning, POOF! I'm up & ready to go at 6:30 a.m. sans alarm?! I was up before my alarm would even be set to go off during the week!

So, I got up, went to the bathroom & told myself, Self, you WILL go back to sleep until Cam wakes up!! But there I laid, wide awake until I surrendered to my brain & just decided to get up. So, as I sit here in the still of the morning, I hear the last sputters of the brewing coffee & the soothing sounds of lullabies. Yep, that little bugger must have just woken up because I started to hear some very faint scuffling over the baby monitor & now I'm hearing the music of his little rain forest machine. So darn cute! I guess I'll mosey on over there to get my big sack of potatoes & get our day started. Although, you never do know with that boy; he may just fall back to sleep** unlike his old ma!

And speaking of getting our day started, we'll be redecorating our guest bathroom today!!! I've been kind of bored with our current design, so I thought it was time to spice things up a bit! I'll be sure to post before & after pics!

**Sure enough, all is quiet over the baby monitor; the little stinker has fallen back to sleep! Ahh, guess I'll just be forced to grab a cup of coffee & sip it in peace & quiet before the craziness ensues!!****

****About 15 minutes after I posted that, I again hear faint scuffling & the sound of the rain forest machine! We'll see if he's up for good this time, or just faking me out again!! That boy is a character!

Here's your answer!

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  1. haha in 14 months i have been awake before adelaide THREE TIMES!! she is my human alarm clock, i wouldn't dream of waking up before she wakes up, although your morning sure sounds peaceful...i'm just too darn tired! your kid sure is a sleeper!

  2. That is so cute how he plays his own music as he's waking up! What a great sunrise shot you captured as well!