Sunday, January 10, 2010

What's For Dinner?

Is it chilly & gray outside? Feel like having something for dinner that will warm you to the core? Looking for a healthy yet hearty meal that won't interfere with your hopes of shedding a few pounds? Then try this recipe for chicken & dumpling soup. This recipe makes a boatload of soup, so halve it if you don't want a ton of leftovers or pop the rest in the freezer to eat later in the winter.

The soup was made earlier in the day & has been staying hot atop the stove, but we didn't make the dumplings until just before Cam ate. Since I didn't think they would fit in the pot with the soup, we made them in another pot of simmering chicken broth that we happen to have & then transferred them into the soup when they were done (including the extra broth since the soup was very thick). To make things easier, we shredded a rotisserie chicken we picked up at Sam's Club for $5 which saved us from having to do extra cooking.

Eat as a family or do as we plan & feed the child his early dinner & eat as a couple after baby's in bed. We're going to pop in a rental & eat our soup out of mugs while lounging in bed. Ahh, it's what's for dinner this winter!

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  1. Sounds delightful! I'll have to try making a soup sometime this week.

  2. It was phenomenal! Looking forward to leftovers tonight!