Thursday, February 4, 2010

Friday Can't Come Soon Enough

This week seems to be endless. Tuesday evening I was absolutely exhausted & seriously felt like it should have been Thursday based off of how I felt. Most weekdays I'm somewhat motivated to get the house straightened up, keep laundry going & make decent dinners. This week I've had a headache & zero energy. And along with that, I've been very emotional & just feeling low.

It hasn't helped my mood that each morning as I ran out the door to get to work on time, Cam reached his arms out to me, crying, "Ma-muh!" I'd start my drive to work with a lump in my throat & a sad feeling in my heart. I'm very relieved that it's Thursday night & the weekend is almost upon us & I'll finally be able to spend some downtime with my family. Plus, Grammy (Mike's mom) is coming into town Saturday evening & staying two weeks which means Cam will get a break from the germs at day care!

This week is also starting to look up as I had some wonderful cuddle time with Cam tonight as he drank his milk & got ready for bed. That is, hands down, my favorite time of day. I get to kiss his soft, fluffy hair & take in his wonderful Cammy smell!

Here's to hoping that my attitude & mood keep on pickin' up!

This is my favorite sleeper that Cam wears; he looks absolutely adorable & so baby-esque whenever he wears it.

And this is the sight I get to see each morning as I get Cam dressed for "school." Of course, he isn't normally wearing navy blue socks pulled up to his knees; that was just me goofing around at his expense! Ahh, he won't mind. At least I don't think he will... only time will tell!

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  1. maybe he is going to catholic daycare w/ those socks on like that. looks like part of a uniform!

  2. I agree, I LOVE cuddle time with Leah. This week we've been letting her crawl into bed with us in the morning and she sleeps for another 1-2 hours. I'm probably starting a bad habit but I don't care. She's so cute when cuddling with us and I cherish these moments.