Wednesday, February 24, 2010

17 Months Old!

My little boy is not so little anymore as he is 17 months old today & more than half my height! Today Grammy got him out of bed & after Cam had his milk, he came into our room & "helped" me blow dry my hair as I was getting ready for work. He loves to brush my hair & loves it even more when I wave the air of the dryer over his head.

Cam gives the sweetest kisses & now that he's getting older, they're not as sloppy & wet; it's so cute to see him with his lips pursed, waiting for a kiss. My favorite thing he does so far is the way he says, "Mama." It's not your typical "Mama" but more like, "Maa-Muh!" His day care teachers laugh each day I pick him up & tell me they've never heard anything like it. But every time he says it, my heart is filled with love.

I call him many names just as I do with our pets. He's referred to as, "BB, Beebs, Da Beebs, Beeb-a-licious, Bubbas, Bubs & Bubby."

I wish I had more time with him; working five days a week weighs heavily on me, but at the same time, makes me cherish the time I do have with him that much more. We try to do as much as possible during the week so our weekends can have some fun in them, but many times, that's much easier said than done. But we cherish our weekends, especially Saturday mornings when we eat breakfast together, hang out, go to the park & basically do anything else but rush around like we do Monday through Friday.

I wish Cam was able to see his extended family more; he rarely sees my parents which makes me feel very sad. In fact, he hasn't seen my dad in over two months; he's been working non-stop since we've come back from Christmas in Chicago. But on a happier note, he does get to spend an amazing amount of time with his grammy who lives in Chicago. Funny that the person who lives the farthest sees him the most of anyone. We're so blessed to have Grammy in our lives. Being a new mom was not easy for me & she was there for me & I'll never forget that. Sadly Grammy will heading back to Chicago tomorrow but we look forward to her coming back in a couple of months.

I've learned a lot over the past 17 months & am so thankful to have my wonderful baby boy in our lives. I can't imagine what my life was like before him & never could I have known that I'd love someone as much as I love him!

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