Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Wonderful Day

Since I worked late on Monday & Tuesday, I was able to leave work early today & go exploring in downtown Dunedin with Grammy & Cam. We strolled around the shops, enjoyed some tasty ice cream & took Cam to a local park. The park overlooked the marina & it was a very bright, crisp day. We had an absolute blast!

Cam got himself into a bit of a pickle here! Luckily I was there to bail him out of his playground jail!

We bumped into these cute, friendly pups & Cam loved saying hello. Look closely & you'll see the teeny tiny, 10 week old miniature Poodle I'm petting. His name was Asher & he was utterly adorable.

It may look like Cam is afraid of this tiny pup, but it's just the way the picture happened to be snapped. I wanted to keep a close eye on Cam since I didn't want him to accidentally trample this minuscule animal!

We ended the day by meeting up with Mike in a cute, tasty & authentic Mexican restaurant called, Casa Tina. Cam became a bit ornery during dinner, but we ended up getting him under control before he made a scene! Dining out with a 16-month old is NOT my idea of fun! But, overall the day was great & it was so nice to get out of work early & enjoy some extra time with my baby love!

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  1. How fun! That's great you were able to get off early and still enjoy the day with Grammy and Cammy.

  2. Looks like a fun day!