Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Sack of Potatoes

Lately Cam has been seriously amazing us with the rapid pace he is learning & growing each day. Since Mike & I have been commuting to work together to leave Grammy a car, we came home Monday to a rather surprising sight. Our child was literally bouncing off the walls. I suspect that Grammy may have shared a tad too many sugary treats with Cam!

As we walked through the door, he literally came running to us, frantically pointing out dozens of items in our house that he figured we'd be interested in seeing; random pictures on the walls, light fixtures on the ceiling... you name it. But that was only the beginning. We then learned that during the late afternoon, as Grammy turned her back for only a moment, Cam grew a bit too quiet which immediately called for attention. She found the little devil attempting to climb out our bedroom window! You may ask, "are you people scavengers who don't have screens on your windows?" Nope, we do. Somehow though, he managed to pop the screen out & Grammy found the stinker with one leg out! It's not as bad as it sounds though since our house is only one level & our bedroom window sits extremely low to the patio. But, still!

But on to some new things Cam is doing these days.. He's now saying moon & Go! He learned "Go!" from Grammy in reference to the pets. Now, we get to see this little boy march around, pointing & saying, "Go!" when he wants the pets to stop doing whatever it is they may be doing. He's also a pro at giving kisses & actually has learned to sometimes kiss without his mouth gaping open. And he loves blowing kisses. He points to his head, eyes, nose, mouth, belly & toes if you ask him too. I've said it before but I'll say it again, he is an absolute sponge for learning!

I'm loving every second of this kid! Well... maybe not some of his dramatic, whiny moments, but you know what I mean. Everyday brings something new these days & I'm just trying to soak up each moment.

This here is a 30 pound sack of potatoes!

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  1. I think you do a great job balancing work/home duties with quality time with Cam. He is so fun to watch grow up.

  2. It's amazing to me how smart he is and how quickly he's learning! You guys are such GREAT parents!!


  3. holy crap i can't believe he tried to escape. that could have been a nightmare! how are you going to avoid that in the future? put jail bars on your windows????? what a little pistol!

  4. Lesli, I think the best solution would be to install one of those invisible fences around each window & put a shock collar on his neck so he gets zapped any time he tries to escape! Kidding, kidding! Although come to think of it, it's not that bad of an idea! He, he!