Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Feeling Better. Hooray, Hooray!

My little love took a visit to the pediatrician today & I'm happy to report that everything came back negative from strep throat to the flu! He had a restful day at home with Daddy & even felt well enough to take a trip to the park this evening after I had gotten home from work. He had an absolute blast; it was a gorgeous evening & he was climbing around the play area like a champ.

Watching him laugh, run around & explore new things turns my heart into a gob of goo! I love that boy with everything & I'm so glad he's feeling better! Let's just hope this sickness stays far, far away. For at least a little while anyway.

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  1. aww allison you've turned into such a sentimental schmuck!! :) glad he's feeling better.

  2. Having a sick little guy is no fun! Glad he's up and running around. :)