Thursday, July 30, 2009

One of my many pet peeves!

So, since I've been on the subject of working out & joining a gym, I just thought I'd gripe about something that bugged the hell out of me Monday when I was lifting weights. I was at Shapes, listening to my IPod & minding my own business (okay, well maybe not..) when I saw another gym member approach a personal trainer & ask her about nutrition. Needless to say my ears perked up since I'm a registered dietitian.

Well, this woman, let's call her W, asks the trainer, let's call her T what she should do since she's stuck at a point where she isn't losing additional weight. T asks W what her diet is like & when W says, "I have shredded wheat for breakfast" T immediately says, "you need to stop that, grains turn right to sugar. Oh, & I personally follow a no dairy diet." UGHHHHGHH! Seriously, I could feel my blood pressure rise as I held back the urge to shout, "listen here, you freaking idiot, you have absolutely NO right to be dishing out nutrition information to the public when you have absolutely no degree to back it up. AND what you're saying is absolute crap!"

To top it off, I happened to be talking to one of the respiratory therapists at work today who mentioned that a trainer at her gym told her not to eat more than 2 pieces of fruit/day. When I asked her if it was Shapes, she said yes! Let's use some common sense & realize that shredded wheat & fruit are not the culprits of the massive problem our country has with obesity!!!!!

I went to school for 4 years to get my B.S. in Nutrition & Dietetics & then moved on to a 2 year dietetic internship, so it REALLY annoys me when I listen to some Joe-Schmo dish out information that is not accurate. SO, to everyone out there, eat fruit, eat shredded wheat with low-fat or fat-free milk & focus on eating in moderation. I think it's the growing portion sizes & inactivity that's the problem. Not grains "that turn to sugar."

Thank you for letting me vent. That is all. For now.

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