Sunday, July 26, 2009

Renewing our vows

We had a wonderful morning at Church of the Suncoast today as we were all able to renew our wedding vows. All the women had to gather in the back and the men waited at the front with roses in hand. As the women met their spouses in the front, we had to look into each others eyes & say our vows to one another. We promised to put God as #1 in our lives and our marriage as #2 because without our faith in God, our marriage cannot have the strong foundation it needs. We were told that couples who pray together have a less than 1% chance of divorce. That is something I would love to do at least once a week with Mike.

During this morning's service, we also discussed the importance of confiding & not hiding; when we keep secrets from one another intimacy dies. Some may feel there is "something" missing from your marriage & you may not be able to even put your finger on what it may be; loss of passion? a weak connection? We were advised to open up to one another by: 1) Confessing our secrets, 2) Receiving any confession with grace, 3) Praying together & 4) Committing to the healing journey together.

Not everyone has major confessions, but a lot of us keep "little" things to ourselves such as the extra, maybe unnecessary purchase we made at the store, etc. I know there are things I keep from Mike; the guilt I may feel when he gets up with Cam in the morning and lets me sleep. For some reason, this sort of thing always makes me anxious. I don't think Mike realizes how much guilt I feel on a day-to-day basis; I guess I always assume this is my issue & I need to work on it on my own. But, maybe if I let Mike in on my feelings, he can help me deal with it & get to the root of what is causing this.

After attending today's service, it made me realize that it's silly to keep feelings from Mike. Not only will it benefit me by getting a load off my chest, but Mike can potentially help me shed light on the situation.


  1. That Brian Moon is doing a great job at Church of the Suncoast! I could tell when we met him at Cam's Dedication that he is a dedicated and inspired young pastor. Renewing marriage vows during a church service was a wonderful idea! I'm so glad that you guys have such a wonderful community to belong to! I'm also glad that after 7 years of marriage you and Mike are striving to keep your bond strong and healthy! This picture you posted is beautiful. You, Mike and Cam have a beautiful life. I know the stresses of life can weigh you down. You have NOTHING to feel guilty about Allison, you are doing an awesome job as a wife, a mom and career woman! You really are balancing everything! I am so proud of you!

  2. Thank you, Mel, that was so nice of you to say. I know that I'm very hard on myself and it's so unfortunate b/c I waste so much time on it. Your post meant a lot to me.

  3. If there's one area I'd like to see improvment in, I'd say it's baking more casseroles. Besides that you're my perfect match! ;)

    I love you!