Thursday, July 9, 2009

A few extra hours

Why is it that other countries take time to relax & regenerate when we Americans can do nothing but work, work, work. Who's logging the longest hours in the office? Whose house is the most organized, cleanest, with perfectly well-balanced meals on the table each evening? It's all about go, go, go and I'm sick & tired of it.

This evening, Mike was busily working on dinner as I fed Cam his last bottle of the night & put him to bed. As I reached the kitchen in anticipation to eat, it was 8:45pm; such an ideal time for dinner! I noticed that Mike had re-heated a rotisserie chicken in the oven & nuked some frozen veggies that were buried in the freezer. The first thing I heard out of Mike's mouth as I sat down at the table was, "darn it, this chicken isn't even hot yet!" My response? Whatever, at this point, I just want to put food in my stomach & call it a day. So, I grabbed some chicken & moved on to the veggies. Took one bite of the veggies when I realized that they were completely freezer burned & disgusting, so into the garbage I spit them. So, what did my Thursday night dinner consist of? About 4oz of chicken breast & a glass of water. Nutrition at it's finest!

It just got me thinking, that I wish we had a few extra NON-WORKING hours each day. That would change my world! I'd be able to spend more time playing with Cam, we'd be able to eat a decent meal as a family & after Cam was asleep, we would have a good amount of downtime to do what we want. Search the internet, blog, read, catch up on out-dated magazines, etc, etc, etc.

If you had a few extra hours each night, how would you use them?


  1. Obviously I'd spend more time with Cam and once he's asleep I'd like to think I would get some cardio work in....but sitting on the couch is WAY easier than cardio! :)

  2. Since I don't have a 9mo. old to chase after, if I had extra hours in my day, I'd probably spend them sleeping! I can never get enough of that. Maybe more time to clean and organize the house, and some working out.

    I figured you would of just settled for a bowl of cereal for dinner last night! That's always my back up if all else fails.


    p.s that dinner sounds revolting.

  4. Once Leah is asleep, I personally like watching TV, hanging with Matt and getting on the internet. I make time and look forward to this every evening. I like knowing that everyday I do things I want to do and not just what I HAVE to do. It makes me happier and more relaxed. You have to allow yourself down time; the laundry, cleaning and whatever else you keep yourself busy with can wait. Looking at the big picture of life, those things are not important at all.

    Kelly =)

  5. You are so right, Kelly! I wish I had a more logical way of thinking like you. Instead I'm cursed with this OCD sickness!! That's why today I made sure I had a couple of hours of down time!