Sunday, July 26, 2009

Quality time with my boys

Today we wanted to head to Jared, THE Galleria of Jewelers in order to have our rings refinished or have irrodium plating done which makes them look brand new. Well, we had a few hours to kill so we figured we'd head across the street to the mall where Cam loves to people watch.

Cam was able to ride the carousel which was a lot of fun. Then the three of us shared pot stickers & an open faced pot roast sandwich. It was rather delicious! I enjoy our low-key weekends more than anything in the world and this was a great one!

Admiring the little ones at the table next to us

Mike must be making Cam laugh!

Our happy family of 3!



  1. Cam has the best smile in the whole world, aside from my girls of course!

  2. he looks like a boy now! well i mean a toddler boy! not a baby boy!! :) aww!