Friday, October 29, 2010

Time with Great Grandma

Sunday we were able to spend the day with my grandma & Cam's Great Grandma Schuth as my Uncle Keith from IL was in & able to bring Gram over to my parent's condo. I'm so glad that Cameron is getting to know my grandma since she has always held a special place in my heart.

My grandma would often babysit us as we grew up in IL & we would look so forward to the days spent swimming at her house. Family is the most important thing to my grandma so it would make her day when my dad would drop us off at her house on his way to work. I can still remember going in her back yard as the early morning sun was coming up over the trees & my grandma was braving the frigid pool water in the still cool morning. She was willing to freeze her cookies off just to make sure the pool was perfect for her little angels!

We would always have to "yell" at my grandma & tell her to please sit down & relax since she was always buzzing around, making sure we were completely taken care of. I have so many memories of my childhood that include my grandma & I'm so thankful that Cameron is getting to know the person who means so much to me. Now my grandma is having a lot of trouble walking which is frustrating the hell out of her since she thrives on being independent. It breaks my heart when I see her unhappy. Watching someone you love grow old isn't always the easiest thing. But I thank God for blessing our lives with this amazing woman.

And before heading home on Sunday, Cam was able to take a bath with his big cousin Mikayla who loved dumping cups of water on his head!

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