Monday, October 25, 2010

Full Moon

Sunday morning I awoke to a little voice calling, Mama! Mama! earlier than I had anticipated. Cam normally sleeps till 7:30 but since he was sleeping in his pack & play at my parent's condo, he woke about an hour earlier than that.

We tip-toed into the living room & I quietly turned on the TV in hopes that Cam would watch quietly & avoid waking everyone else who were peacefully sleeping. Lucky dogs! My parent's living room borders the sliding door that looks over the Gulf of Mexico. I could see that it was still quite dark, but the Gulf was glowing under the light of the full moon. As it got a little lighter, I couldn't resist taking Cam down to the beach to enjoy the sight.

As we crept out the front door which view overlooks the inter-coastal, we were hit with the beautiful glow of the rising sun. Pretty cool to see the cool blue glow of the moon out back & the bold orange of the rising sun out front!

Cam absolutely loves to push the buttons for the elevator.

Just look at him jump for joy!

He was excited to be taking an early morning adventure with his mommy.

Looks like the moon is scoring a field goal in between the goalposts of the palm trees!

The chilly sand felt great on our bare tootsies!

We had the beach to ourselves & loved watching the moon set over the Gulf.

And as much as we enjoy seeing the sun set over the Gulf, it was a real treat to see the moon for a change!

It was a wonderful way to start my Sunday!

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