Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Midweek Happenings

Today I spent the day at home with my little Cam in hopes that he'd start to feel better. His night was rough at first & he woke up a couple of times before midnight because he was coughing so hard. As I rocked him back to sleep, his head was soaked with sweat & it was clear that his fever had broken. He had no fever today, just an annoying cough/cold with a leaky faucet of a nose.

I finally got around to setting up his new Leapfrog Tag Reading System that he got for his birthday. Little did I know that the website would be so irritatingly confusing. And just like myself, Cam has no patience so it was not a good combo! I was seriously ready to throw the thing in the trash as Cam was crying & whining as I tried to navigate through the instructions online. Did I mention I have no patience?? But now it works & it's pretty cool, although Cam is not the best with books since he continuously flips the page as I'm trying to read. With his new reader, he taps it all over the page so the thing can't even spit out the words before he's on to the next page! Ahh, that kid, I tell ya!

But we had a pretty low-key day overall. He doesn't have much of an appetite but did manage to have some snacks at his snack table (as he talked to me with his mouth full, as you'll see in this picture above). He was very clingy & didn't want me too far out of his sight & that was fine by me. I laid out a big comforter on the living room floor & we played on it & snuggled as we watched TV.

And in other news, my sticky fingers cannot stay out of our Halloween candy bowl! And we're not even going to be home to pass candy so I have no idea why Mike bought those sinful treats that I'm unable to resist! I usually have more willpower than this, but I guess my hormones have gotten the best of me. I curse you, hormones! I curse you, cramps! I've been wearing my slouchy PJs all day, so I can only imagine how tight my jeans will be when I try to cram myself into them this weekend. That'll be a blast & a half.

What else is going on around here? Oh, although it's not yet Halloween, our Christmas cards were delivered today from Shutterfly. Since I utterly adore Christmas time, I want to be ahead of game so I can really enjoy myself & avoid doing any last minute scramblings. Anyway, that's about it for now. Hope you're all having a great week so far!

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