Thursday, October 28, 2010


We chanced it & dropped Cam off at daycare this morning since he didn't seem to have a fever this morning & was in good spirits. Well, besides the fact that he was still a little clingy & screamed as I tried to get ready for work. Oh & the fact that he had such a soft BM that it leaked out of his diaper & onto my clean scrubs & freshly washed bedding. Yeah, apparently we should have used our better judgment & kept Cam home.

Anyway, Mike got the call from daycare at around ten this morning letting us know that yet again Cam had a fever. Last night before bed I checked his temp & it was fine at 98.7, but apparently at daycare it was 100.8. So Mike left work & took Cam home & I arranged to have another dietitian cover my shift tomorrow. I'm so glad to have the day off since he definitely needs the TLC! I just took his temp before his bath & it was 100.7.

After Cam's nice, warm vapo bath, he was shivering as I got him in his PJs so I got him comfy cozy in his beanbag chair with his blanket. He's in good spirits & being an absolute trooper but you can tell he feels crummy. Mommy's lovin' tomorrow will be just what the doctor ordered!

And the little sickling was even able to muster up a smile for the camera & I'm positive my bugger will be better in time for Halloween where he'll be a football player. And as I type this, he's dancing with Daddy to the soundtrack from Scrubs! That makes a mommy happy to see!

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  1. Oooh, poor baby! Hope he's back to his normal self today!

  2. Holy crap, he looks horrible in those pictures!!!