Tuesday, October 26, 2010

A Glorious Sunset!

Saturday night I enjoyed the gorgeous sunset from my parent's balcony & watched the sailboats glide through the Gulf. There were seven sailboats scattered throughout the water & I felt like I was watching Pirates of the Caribbean!

I missed the actual sun setting since I was busy playing with Cam at the opposite end of my parent's condo but at least I was able to enjoy the afterglow.

If I lived on the beach like my parents do, I could never grow tired or lose appreciation for this view!

Sunday Cam was able to spend time with his cousins who he loves so much! Maddy is always giving Cam some loving!

In other news, we got a call from Cam's daycare this afternoon, letting us know that he had a fever yet again. He's been battling a virus the past couple of weeks & randomly spiking a 101ish degree fever. When they see this at daycare, he's not able to come back until he's fever-free for 24 hours. And since we have no family nearby who are able to watch Cam, that means no work for one of us. So, tomorrow I'll be staying home & nursing my sickling back to good health.

As I notified work of the circumstances, I was reminded of the amount of "call-ins" we're allowed on a rolling calendar year. Mind you, I never call in sick for myself & I'm an incredibly reliable employee, if I do say so myself. And I do. With that being said, it stresses the crap out of me knowing that I have zero control over the amount of sicknesses Cam comes down with per year. Since January, I have been out of work three times due to Cam having a fever (the last one being exactly two weeks ago when Mike was away on business in Dallas). Just what I need is a little added stress & pressure when my child is feeling crummy! Oh the joys of being a full-time working mom! But, whatever, I'm going to enjoy spending the day, taking care of my little love tomorrow because being a mom is my number one priority!

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  1. What a beautiful sunset! I'd never get tired of seeing that either!

    That last pic of Cam is SO cute!