Tuesday, August 28, 2012

A bunch of sickies

Things have not been wonderful around here for about a week when Reese caught a cold.  Things were rough for her when we picked her up from daycare after work on Thursday.  I gave my mom a call & luckily she was able to come up & take care of her on Friday.  I looked forward to getting home Friday & just being together as a family.  We had planned on ordering Thai takeout & relaxing after the kids went to bed.  As I laid in bed with Cam & Mike told him his two nightly stories, my stomach started to feel weird.  I thought maybe I was just hungry so I ate a little takeout.  Things quickly went downhill & I ended up being sick to my stomach all night long.

Don't mind my kid in his skivvies

Saturday I took it easy but still felt achy & weak.  Luckily Reese seemed to be feeling a lot better.  By Saturday evening I felt a lot better but then ended up waking up in the middle of the night to be sick again.  Ugh.

Sunday morning my stomach was a bit of a mess but we still met up with my parents to do some furniture shopping for our new house since we'd been scheduling & rescheduling.  Gradually I again felt better & have been good since.  Finally I'd be able to sleep on Sunday night!  Fat chance.  I ended up being up with Reese from 4am on as she was in & out of sleep & super restless. Monday daycare ended up being cancelled due to hurricane Isaac.  We barely even got rain so it was pretty ridiculous.  But I'm praying for the people of the Gulf coast who are now getting slammed by the storm!  Anyway, it was a good thing they were off since Mike was able to take Reese to the doctor.  Out the door with a diagnosis of a double ear infection with a prescription for Amoxicillin.  We assumed things would be getting better until Cam complained of a tummy ache right as we sat down for dinner yesterday.  I was convinced he was faking since he's always trying to get out of eating dinner.  I wish I had been right.  He ended up throwing up all over the living room shortly after.  As he's wailing, Reese is sympathy wailing & I'm trying to corral the dog who is attempting to eat the flippin vomit.  No joke.  It was mass chaos in the Pernecky house last night.  After getting Reese to bed & settling Cam, I ended up scrubbing the rug & sanitizing the house for nearly 3 hours.  Cam perked up after a quick nap on the couch, but I knew there would likely be more to come after the sickness I had just gotten over.  I was armed with a bucket the next time & ended up saving myself from another massive clean-up. Poor guy.  

Mike decided he would stay with him today so I could save up more vacation time for our planned trip to Chicago this winter.   Cam & Mike slept together in our bed so he wouldn't wake up as I got ready for work.  He got sick one more time during the night & has been getting better & better all day long.  By the time I got home from work today, he was bouncing off the walls.  I'll be home with him tomorrow too & hopefully he'll stay healthy.  My biggest concern is keeping Reese from getting sick.  She's still fighting the remnants of her cold & her new ear infection so the last thing the girl needs is the stomach bug.  

Things have not been super over here lately!

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  1. Omg Allison... I can picture that whole scene in my mind. The joys of parenthood huh? I hope you have a healthy household asap! Do you have a closing date for the new house yet?