Sunday, August 19, 2012

Relaxing weekend

Since we spend such little time at home with the kids during the week, a relaxing weekend spent at home is always fine by me!  They're so few & far between.

Yesterday evening we met up with friends for some German food & beer.  The beer was from Oktoberfest in Germany which is really cool as well as delish!  There were as many kids as there were adults so it was a definite juggling act to corral the kiddos.  Luckily we had the back of the restaurant where they could play without bothering people too much.

Today we left the house only to go to Target for a few things and have otherwise had no agenda.  We whipped up a bunch of baby food for Reese and tried some new combinations.  I roasted some veggies to give them more flavor & she tried blueberries & avocado for the first time today too.  I was able to use my NutriBullet to puree a lot of the food.  I needed to thin the turkey I made so I blended spinach with a tiny bit of water for extra nutrition.  We also picked up chia seeds (think Chia Pet) which are super high in omega-3 fatty acids so I blended some of those into her food too.

The kids had a ball trashing the living room in three minutes flat.  I call them the kings of chaos! 

The room stayed like this until Reese went to bed a few minutes ago since there was no sense in straightening & re-straightening only to have it trashed again.  It was a good sign that they were having a great time!  They're little partners in crime, those two.

These two crack me up!

Life would be so dull with out my goofballs!

Speaking of partners in crime, after my shower tonight, I came out to find these two video gaming it up.  This is just a small preview of things to come as Cam becomes older & his love of video games grows.  It is so incredibly adorable watching him sit there, thinking he's playing the game while Mike is actually playing the computer.  Pure innocence.  God I love this age!

As I sit here, I hear Cam shouting, I got a touchdown!  I knocked you down!  So funny.  I'm thankful for this weekend & the awesome time I spent with my family!

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