Tuesday, August 14, 2012

9 months!

Reese, you're 9 months old today!

What is my 9 month little gal up to these days?

I have to say, this has been the month of changes & advances for you!  You're pulling new tricks out of your sleeves every day it seems.  So, what did you start doing this month?

You've learned to clap & love to show off your skills!  The night you first clapped you seriously sat on your daddy's lap & clapped for about twenty minutes straight.

You're officially extremely mobile!  You've been doing the army crawl for weeks now & you're everywhere!  We can no longer leave a room & think you won't get into things.  Dang, you're hard to keep up with!

You love "helping" me do laundry and you're just the cutest little helper a mommy could ask for!

  No sense in being in a hurry when you're helping though since I have to keep my hand on the side of the basket to keep you from flipping it over on yourself as you pull yourself to a stand.

 Yep, pulling yourself to a stand is another big new trick this month!  I'm finding more & more bruises on your head these days, which is a lot like your brother was!

Cam is still your favorite person & the two of you are having so much fun together.

Your brother does like to take toys from you though & I'm always finding myself saying, Cameron, that's a baby toy!  And he says, But Reesey's not sharing!  Oy vey.  But you do have an awesome big brother, I have to say.  He is so loving & good to you!  You're a lucky girl; that boy is going to look out for you forever.

Um, what else?  You're still an amazing sleeper.  Absolutely amazing!  If we have nowhere to wisk you off to, you'll sleep till 8:30 or 9 in the morning & that's after we've put you to bed at around 7:30 or so the night before.

Thank you for that Reesey, you're awesome!  You nap for us about 2-3 times a day, usually one long nap & two shorter ones.  When you're at daycare they don't lay you down nearly enough & you'll come home in the evening after sleeping only an hour that day.  It's straight down for a nap most week days for you!

You are a bit of a fire cracker lately & nearly impossible to change & dress.  I feel like I've run a marathon when I'm done getting you in your jammies.  Stinker.  You throw your head back in anger when I have the audacity to get you changed.  You're extremely opinionated & don't hesitate to voice your distaste about things you don't agree with.  Again, stinker.  I love my spirited girl!

You're a tad rough lately & I type this as I sport a nice little scratch down my nose.  You're constantly grabbing & pulling at everyone's faces.  We're working on teaching you to be more gentle.

You're drinking 4 7oz bottles of breast milk & eating solids three times a day.  We're literally feeding you all day long...  Seriously, like every 2 hours.  And I guess that's why you're growing so much! You go for your 9 month well visit tomorrow so I don't have your stats yet, but I think you weigh about 22 pounds.  We were at the museum the other day & I got on a scale there with & without you, that's why I'm guessing that.  You wear size 3 diapers, size 2 shoes (though still rarely ever wear shoes) & size 9-12 month clothes.

You still have no teeth!!  Cam had at least 4 teeth by the time he was your age so we're starting to wonder if we'll ever see teeth in that mouth of yours!  You're still chewing on everything so I'm sure they'll eventually pop through!  You learned your first sign & can now sign for milk which you love to do!

Happy 9 months, Reese!  You're awesome & we love you so much, joy baby!

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