Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Splish splash

It's still strange having Wednesdays off & half the time when Mike's alarm is going off, I completely forget I'm not working.  This morning, I looked at my clock & thought, "Okay, I have to be out of bed within five minutes."  And what a glorious feeling it is when the realization hits me that I don't have to go!

Not that I sleep in or anything.  I basically get up at my usual time but it's the fact that I don't need to fly out the door & deal with the crap that ensues on a typical work day.  Instead I get to spend time with my glorious children.

With my glorious children, I created many creatures out of blocks, including dinosaurs, castles & airplanes.  I also played attack of the rabid dinosaur who eats Lightning McQueen & gets brought down by Red Bird!

On this gloomy, rainy day, we munched on some grilled cheese sandwiches for lunch, Cam enjoyed an impromptu caramel sundae from McDonald's & I whipped up some Crock-pot BBQ chicken.. easy peasy.

And then we hit the bath.  Well, I didn't, but the kids did.  I mean, I did bathe today, just not at that time.  But, you get the idea. This bath had bubbles because I drew up a vapo-bath since sweet lil Reesers has a cold.  My poor little love has been coughing her head off since we put her to bed.  So sad.  And she's still so smiley & happy despite feeling crummy.  Such a love.  

But at least she has her big brother to take good care of her!

And that makes her pretty darn happy!

Here's Cam at the same age..

She says "Da-da" so easily so I've been practicing Mama with her & tonight she was on a kick saying, "Mmmm-Ma!"  So cute.  Love that gal!

Both of my 9 month old goofballs

Both of my kiddos absolutely love the bath.  And speaking of water, we're planning on signing Cam up for swim lessons very soon.  We recently had a scare where there were multiple adults in the pool with Cam when Mike literally turned to tell someone something when we realized Cam had fallen out of his raft & was sinking.

We were right there to scoop him out, but we were so proud that he was able to swim to the edge of the pool & even pull himself out of the water.  I've always been extremely leery of the water since I know that drowning can happen very quickly & very quietly.

Cam still relies completely on his swimmies or an inner tube so I'd love for him to learn to swim on his own.  Not that he wouldn't still need complete supervision in the pool, but I want him to feel more confident in the water.

Anyway, it was another great day off, but it's back to the grind tomorrow.  Ugh.  Hopefully Friday will come quickly!
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  1. cute pics, ally! cam and reese look so much alike at 9 months!