Sunday, August 19, 2012

What a pain

So last Monday I headed to get my hair cut & colored after work.  I decided I wanted to try Ombre hair color, where the color on top is darker & fades down to blonder at the bottom.  

I guess it's kind of risky since it can look like grown out roots rather than a fresh, new look.  But, I'm all about changing up my hair & trying new things.  So, I had a six pm appointment on Monday & it took forever, like almost three hours.  So, by the time my hair was cut, the stylist was drying it & before I knew it, I was rushing out of the salon before I had a chance to really look at my hair.

By the time I got home it was after nine and I didn't even truly know what my hair really looked like.  I say hello to Mike & Cam & I notice that Mike is looking at me funny.  Mind you, Mike likes basically any color or cut I've ever done, so I do value his opinion.  After inspecting it, he decided, "It's different."  And then he said, "I guess it just looks like you haven't had your roots done in a long time."  After grabbing a mirror & heading to the bathroom for further inspection, I kind of panicked a little.  I had spent a lot of money & I had to go to work the next day.  I decided to wait & get my co-worker's opinions before making a decision.  After talking to a few girls, I decided I had to contact the salon to let them know.  I was very tempted to just make an appointment elsewhere to save myself from embarrassment or awkwardness, but I could not justify spending even more money.

So, this is a picture I took before straightening my hair yesterday.  Not great quality, but it gives you an idea.  The stylist just did not blend the colors enough so there is a distinct line between the dark to the light.  I have never ever gone back to a salon to have a color or cut adjusted so I was not looking forward to calling.  Who answers the phone?  The girl who did my hair!  Ugh.  Well, she didn't seem thrilled that I didn't like it, but why would she?   Long story short, I go back tomorrow & I'm really hoping she can fix it!  The blond she did is also way too brassy/orangey looking.

The picture above just does not do it justice, but trust me when I say that it does not look good.  I have gotten several dozen opinions since I work with so many different people and everyone agrees that I need to go back.  I'm not sure what to expect, but I surely hope the girl doesn't think I'm going to pay to have it fixed!  Tomorrow should be nice & awkward though! 

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  1. Ugh! That sucks!! I hope she can fix it and if she can't I hope she's professional enough to say so and have someone else fix it!

  2. HAHA you make me laugh Allison!!! I never knew that was considered ombre hair coloring. I love the examples you showed, Jessica Biel, I would marry her in a second! I would also marry J.T. in a second, so since they are marrying each other, what does that mean for me!? HAHA THe bottom picture looks good, but I see what you mean in the other photo. It does look like a lot of dark roots. Good luck!! You have every right to go back. Next time just don't rush out the door until you're sure! That's you though, always in a hurry! :)

  3. your captcha thing is so hard to read! what is up with that. I had to try like 5 times to get it right.

    1. Yes it does suck! So hard to read!

  4. Oh that's a bummer! I hope she can fix it up for you. I love the idea though - i am not brave enough to try it.

  5. I'm posting about the results of my re-color in a sec! And yes, Lesli, Jessica Biel is quite hot, indeed! As is J.T. I can definitely see your desire to marry either (or both) of them! And I agree, the Google word scramble is a JOKE!

  6. Holy crap. I can't wait to see your recolor results.