Monday, June 6, 2011

Weekend Happenings

We headed down to Venice (Florida, not Italy) for our niece's combined birthday party on Saturday & it was great to spend time with family.

Here we are as we spent time around the pool.

Cam had an absolute blast swimming with his daddy & his cousins. You can hop over to his blog to see more pictures of him & his cousins.

Even though Cam looks super happy in these pictures, we could tell he was coming down with something on Saturday morning when his voice was very hoarse. I'm thinking he may have croup after reading up on it. Luckily Mike stayed home with him today since there was no way he could have or should have gone to daycare.

I always feel so heartbroken & helpless when my little love is sick. Especially when I'm stuck at work & unable to be there for him. Mike took great care of him today & I gave him lots of TLC when I did get home. His fever has gotten as high 103 today so I'm praying he begins to feel better tomorrow. Motrin brings it down but it still freaks me out. My mom will be coming up in the morning to spend the day with him which I am very thankful for. He's been such a trooper today & not at all fussy or irritable. If he doesn't seem better tomorrow, we'll be taking him to the doctor.

I love this picture my dad took of Cam kissing his baby sister, Reese. He knows there is a baby in my belly but I don't think he fully understands. Saturday I showed him a picture of me VERY pregnant with him & asked him who was in mommy's belly. His answer? Baby Taylor, Lauren & Josh's baby who is 5 weeks old! But he'll surely get it once she's born & he needs to share the limelight! I just wonder how he'll feel once it truly sinks in that this baby is in our lives for good?

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  1. the funniest part of the photo of him kissing your belly is you multitasking holdind the water and capri sun! oh, the life of a mother!

  2. I love that last picture too! So sweet. You look super cute in the pink dress too. Its a good color on you. I love that you're pregnant with a "baby Taylor" too! ;)