Tuesday, June 21, 2011

19 Week Update

I'm now 19 weeks pregnant & Reese is the size of a large heirloom tomato weighing about 8.5 oz with a length of 6 inches from head to bottom. Some research shows that she can now hear so when we read Cam his bedtime story last night, it was nice to think that both of our babies were hearing the story!

On a side note, I apologize about my get-up in the picture below! Since Monday through Friday you'll find me wearing nothing other than scrubs, gym clothes or PJs, I had no choice but to take my weekly picture after my shower tonight since I forgot to do it this past weekend.

How am I feeling? I've been feeling really great this week with lots of energy. Good thing too because I had a very busy weekend with lots & lots of cooking & time on my feet in general. By the end of the day on Sunday my lower abdomen was really achy. I was relieved to see that this is common at this point in pregnancy & it's called round ligament pain since the ligaments surrounding the uterus are stretching. Yes, I have been pregnant before but apparently I needed a refresher!

Any new changes this week? I had my monthly doctor's appointment yesterday & it was uneventful which is always great. The doctor had a really hard time getting Reese's heartbeat on the doppler since she was moving around like crazy. Maybe we'll have another super active baby on our hands just as Cam was? And since I have a clotting disorder called Factor V Leiden I have to see a high risk doctor on July 11th for a detailed ultrasound. I'm really looking forward to getting a close look at lil Reese & praying that all is well!

Weight gain? Nope but I am officially even with my starting pregnancy weight. The nausea & vomiting thankfully remain a thing of the past so I've been eating normally again!

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  1. No need to apologize for your picture... you're always a cutie! Even in your scrubs, PJs, or workout clothes :)

    Wow, 19 weeks prego and still no weight gain?!? You better start eating up! Tell Mike you need to go to the Melting Pot and also to Berns for dinner this week :)